Tyler Childers Teases New Music ‘Coming Soon’ With YouTube Video

by Clayton Edwards

Last week, Tyler Childers broke his social media silence with a video that had everyone talking. The short clip showed a continuation of the videos for “All Your’n” and got everyone speculating about its meaning. At the time, Childers didn’t add a caption to the video. Still, nearly everyone who saw it thought the Kentucky native was teasing new music. This morning, he took to social media again to share another video and removed all doubts.

Earlier today, Tyler Childers posted a 2-minute-long clip to his YouTube channel and social media accounts. On YouTube, the video has a simple title, “Coming Soon.” Unfortunately, though, the video doesn’t give us any real answers.

Tyler Childers’ New Teaser Videos Leaves Us with More Questions

On Friday, Tyler Childers posted a fifteen-second clip of the protagonist from his “All Your’n” videos waking up in the woods. He looked into the blinding sunlight filtering through the trees and the video ended.

The new video uses that clip and continues. The hillbilly from the previous video walks out of the trees to find Tyler Childers and his band, The Food Stamps waiting for him. The fellas are ready for a day full of hard work. From their conversation, it seems like the bedraggled man agreed to help them raise a barn. He tries to back out of the “drunk plans” that he made with them. Then, one of the guys speaks up saying, “I’ll let you play it.”

This stops the guy in his tracks. “It” turns out to be the guitar that belonged to the guy’s deceased cousin. The hillbilly doesn’t believe him at first because he never lets anyone touch the guitar. Then, we learn a little more about the importance of the instrument. “Basil Watkins’ guitar? The legend. God rest his soul,” the hillbilly said. This offer paired with a cold beer is enough to convince him to help them with the work. The video ends with Tyler Childers, the band, and the hillbilly walking away and getting ready to get their hands dirty.

We don’t hear a note of new music in the video and Tyler Childers doesn’t have a single line. So, really, this video leaves us with more questions than answers. However, we know that something is “coming soon” and I feel safe in assuming that the “something” is new music from Childers. Most likely, he’ll be sharing a new video in the near future.

How soon is soon? That’s the main question that we’re left with after watching this video. It’s possible that Tyler Childers will hit us with a new single and video this Friday. Then again, he could make us wait a while longer. After all, what’s a couple more weeks on top of the two years we’ve already waited?