Tyler Hubbard Laces Up His Roller Skates for ‘Baby Gets Her Lovin’ Music Video

by Suzanne Halliburton
Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

Lace up your skates. You might need them as we check out Tyler Hubbard singing “Baby Gets Her Lovin’.” The country star dropped the music video this week.

And let’s just say Tyler Hubbard is doing more than singing. He’s actually on roller skates in the video as he croons about the most traditional of country music subjects — meeting and wooing the perfect woman.

Hubbard sings: “She gets them good looks from her mama, got her daddy’s rock and roll. Got them snakeskin Tony Lamas from the Boot Barn down the road.

Gets her rocks off honky tonkin,’ she gets all her liquor free. When that last call gets to callin’, y’all, my baby gets her lovin’ from me. Ah, yeah, my baby gets her lovin’ from me.”

As you can see from the video, Tyler Hubbard is country jamming at a roller disco. He’s going creatively retro as he sings about his country queen, who is honeysuckle sweet, but with a wild side. She also keeps a “piece in her purse,” plus can quote any Bible verse. Hubbard takes a few spins around the rink, but he doesn’t do anything too risky. Instead, the other performers do the spins and other tricks. The video culminates in a Soul Train-style group dance. Major props to those on the skates.

Here’s what’s so fun about the video (other than the obvious). Hubbard is a long-time skater. He grew up spending every weekend at the Sparkles Family Fun Center in Lawrenceville, Ga. He still had his old skates. So he unpacked them to do this video. He filmed the video in Nashville, so nope, that’s not the Sparkles Family Fun Center. But he did bring in some professional skaters and dancers from Atlanta. Lauren Williamson choreographed the video. She also teamed with Hubbard on his “Dancin’ In The Country” video. 

Tyler Hubbard explained his skating idea in a video posted to his Instagram.

“There is a groove to the music where I could see people skating and line dancing and just really moving with fluidity to the song,” he said. “We had a big party at the skating rink and had a great time shooting the video. It was special to me too, because I grew up going to the skating rink as a kid – I actually skated all the way through high school. So, it was nostalgic for me to go back to a skating rink, shoot a music video, and bring back some of the elements of my childhood that I loved.”

So far, Tyler Hubbard has released a half dozen new songs from his upcoming debut album. He is one-half of Florida Georgia Line. But he and Brian Kelley are taking a break to pursue their solo careers.