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Tyler Hubbard Opens Up About ‘Unexpected’ Florida Georgia Line Hiatus

by Samantha Whidden
Florida Georgia Line
(Photo by Jason Kempin/ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM)

Less than six months after Florida George Line performed its last concert, Tyler Hubbard opens up about the “unexpected” split from his bandmate Brian Kelley. 

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight about officially going solo, Hubbard stated he was surprised by the Florida Georgia Line hiatus. He described the situation as being a career shift as well as a big transition for him. “Going from being in a duo, Florida Georgia Line, to now stepping into this new season of being a solo artist.”

Hubbard also stated that the split was unexpected and something Kelley wanted to do. “And it took me a minute to kind of process that. And I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just be a songwriter, and I won’t do the artist thing.’”

However, Hubbard admitted that the unexpected feeling didn’t last very long for him. He shared that a short time after the split he began missing making records and touring. “So yeah, it’s been really fun to kind of step into this new season and connect with fans.”

Hubbard went on to explain that his upcoming debut solo album Tyler Hubbard is the first time he’s ever been really able to express his individuality. He also spoke about the tracks on the album. The singer and songwriter noted that most of the songs were done in 2020. “Several of these songs were very personal and, you know, sort of just came out of different things I was going through and where we were at.”

Florida Georgia Line Alum Tyler Hubbard Says Songs On His Solo Debut Album Feel ‘Real and Authentic’

Meanwhile, former Florida Georgia Line bandmate, Tyler Hubbard, went on to explain that a lot of the songs on his debut solo album seem real and authentic to him.

“And once I accepted that and kind of acknowledged, ‘All right, I’m gonna do this. I’m going to make an album and pursue the solo artist thing and give it all I got,’” Hubbard shared. He noted that the album was really fun to do. The singer and songwriter also had fun looking at all the songs he had written over the last year. 

When it came to the personal side of his life, Hubbard said he didn’t hold back. He wrote songs about his kids as well as losing his father. The Florida Georgia Line alum further explained that writing the songs felt almost therapeutic to him. 

Hubbard noted he still likes to have fun and be inspired by that fun. “I love making music that makes people want to come party and hang out at shows and forget their worries for a little while.”

Tyler Hubbard’s debut solo album will be available at stores on Friday (January 27th).