Tyler Hubbard Reveals New Details About Upcoming Self-Titled Solo Album

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)

Tyler Hubbard has seen plenty of success as a solo artist since parting ways with his former Florida Georgia Line bandmate, Brian Kelley. The duo’s final performance together took place in August at the Minnesota State Fair. In recent weeks, Hubbard’s hit “5 Foot 9” has garnered nearly 190 million global streams. And now, capping on that success, the 35-year-old Georgia boy has announced brand new details about his upcoming self-titled solo album.

Tyler Hubbard the album will officially be released on January 27th, 2023. The record features an impressive 18 tracks and all of them have the “35’s” singer’s stamp on them. Taking to Instagram on Friday, Tyler Hubbard revealed the cover art and also the track list for the brand new album. But he further spoke about the creation of his first major solo project and what he hopes fans experience while listening.

“When I was putting together the track listing for this first album, I really wanted it to be an experience for the fans,” the country singer explained. It was important to me to have an album where there were no songs that you wanted to skip over.”

‘Tyler Hubbard’ Track List:

Taste of Country provided Tyler Hubbard’s full track list for his upcoming solo album. See the full list below:

  1. Dancin’ in the Country
  2. 5 Foot 9
  3. Baby Gets Her Lovin’
  4. Everybody Needs a Bar
  5. Me for Me
  6. Tough
  7. I’m the Only One
  8. She Can
  9. Small Town Me
  10. Inside and Out
  11. Out This Way
  12. By the Way
  13. Paradise
  14. How Red
  15. 35’s
  16. Leave Me Alone
  17. Miss My Daddy
  18. Way Home

Tyler Hubbard further spoke about the significance of his self-titled album in his Instagram caption.

“I feel really proud of this music,” he shared, “and how special it is to have the opportunity to share my personal story.”

The country music singer’s new album is exciting for an entirely different reason unrelated to his new career as a solo artist. Per his brief clip above, the majority of the songs on his upcoming album were meant to be played live. And knowing that, we can assume the FGL frontman packed a lot of emotion and personal narrative into this list of soon-to-be-released songs.

Tyler Hubbard Embraces New Style in ‘Baby Gets Her Lovin’ Music Video

Since splitting from Florida Georgia Line over the summer, Tyler Hubbard’s been flexing his musical prowess. But now, ahead of the release of his solo album, he’s also testing out new visual styles.

His music video for one of his newest tracks, “Baby Gets Her Lovin‘” differs both in sound and visuals. With the country star donning roller skates of all things for the new clip, it’s a far cry from the clip for FGL’s hit “Always Gonna Love You” as well as other popular ballads.

However, if we’re anyone to judge, it also suggests that the artist’s brand-new album boasts a variety of vocal and instrumental sounds, incorporating the rhythm of modern-day country and pop with the classic twang of a fiddle.