Tyler Hubbard’s Wife Hayley Asks for Prayers for Her Father After Health Issue

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

On Monday (November 21st), Tyler Hubbard’s wife Hayley took to her Instagram to ask for prayers for her father, who is battling multiple myeloma. 

In a lengthy message, Tyler Hubbard’s spouse spoke about her father, who she calls Papa Pete, who struggles as he seeks treatment at the Mayo Clinic. “Papa Pete needs your prayers. By the grace of God, and wonderful people and some answered prayers, we checked him into Mayo Clinic last week where he’s been getting the best care from incredible nurses, doctors, and my mom.”

Hayley then opened up about how God has helped guide her family during this unfortunate time. “And talk about God – a couple days before we were going to visit them, Tyler had a private show in AZ before my parents got the instructions to get on a plane and get down to AZ asap. We ended up flying into the same airport the same day, just a couple hours apart.”

Tyler Hubbard’s wife then spoke about the firemen who helped my dad off the plane in Scottsdale and the following day he was able to get in with who she describes as one of the best multiple myeloma specialists in the country. “There have been many answered prayers and we’re so grateful, and now he needs some more.”

Hayley then describes Papa Pete as being so strong and who has no problem climbing mountains. “But this is an uphill battle he’s been relentlessly climbing and going to need an extra push. Please pray with me for healing, for answers, for progress in the treatment of his neuropathy so he can regain strength, help managing the pain, and progress with the multiple myeloma treatment. Thank you everyone who has been praying and continuing to check in, it means the world!”

Tyler Hubbard’s Wife Revealed Her Father’s Cancer Diagnosis in July 2022 

Over the summer, Tyler Hubbard’s wife revealed that her father had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He had also begun undergoing treatment to fight the aggressive form of cancer.

“It’s aggressive, but he’s doing really well and feeling strong,” Hayley explained in the post. “Which is everything we could hope for. The kids and I went to Idaho last week to hang out with ‘Papa Pete’ and cheer him on in his recovery. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers!”

Tyler Hubbard’s wife then shared a series of photographs of her father, which included pictures of him wearing boxing gloves with “Go Papa Go!” written on them. “Thinking of all of you who have been affected by cancer and rooting and praying for you through your fight,” she added in the post.”