VIDEO: Trace Adkins Sings a John Prine Classic on ‘Monarch’

by Suzanne Halliburton

On his show Monarch, a new producer is trying to reignite the music career of Trace Adkins’ character, Albie Roman.

It seems that Albie, the “Texas Truthteller” hadn’t been recording songs worthy of his extraordinary voice. But with the death of Albie’s wife, Dottie, Albie is working with another producer, Jamie Burke. We think Jamie has done a lot of effective coaxing, as evidenced by this scene in the Monarch episode, “Death and Christmas.” It ran Tuesday night.

And nothing suggests an early Christmas like “Angel from Montgomery,” right? Well, anytime is the right time to hear another voice sing the 51-year-old classic written by John Prine. Both Adkins and Monarch tweeted a video clip of the performance.


Dozens of artists have covered the Prine song about a middle-aged woman who feels older than her years. It can be adapted by so many voices. Adkins deep baritone is so soothing as he sings “make me an angel that flies from Montgomery, make me a poster of an old rodeo.”

Other country/Americana singers who have recorded the song include Bonnie Raitt, Maren Morris, Emmylou Harris and Brandi Carlile.

Now, back to Monarch, where Adkins gets to sing and stomp around Austin looking for the people who blackmailed his now dead wife. And why they were extorting her.

Adkins’ Albie had the line of the night early in Tuesday’s episode. He wanted to meet with the blackmailers and was waiting for them at 4 a.m. But they no showed. “Everybody’s a bad ass, til they ain’t,” Albie says.

Albie did find a note left on his old truck. It’s all his fault, the note said. But what does that mean? It’s all part of the continuing Monarch storyline. The Fox series premiered with Dottie (Susan Sarandon) committing suicide because she has terminal cancer. But also on the premiere, Albie shot someone and buried the body. We’re still not sure who was in the grave. We use past tense because someone moved the body without telling Albie. His oldest two children are in on the coverup. And after Tuesday’s Monarch episode, we know Albie’s grandson witnessed something major. That’s either his grandmother swallowing some pills with the help of his mother. Or, he saw his granddad shoot someone.

Trace Adkins quizzed his sister-in-law about why someone was blackmailing Dottie. (FOX.)

Albie quizzed Dottie’s sister, who also lives on the Roman compound outside Austin, about who would be blackmailing Dottie. The sister finally told Albie that Dottie burned down a barn 40 years ago. Rosa, Albie’s mistress. was inside said barn. Dottie made sure to get her horses out before she torched the building. Presumably, Rosa died. Albie never saw her again.

But if the Monarch drama isn’t for you, no doubt, the music is. Adkins has covered two Willie Nelson songs in past episodes and even performed a duet with his grandson of an Ed Sheeran song.

“You know, I gotta keep pushing myself and getting outside my comfort zone to hopefully keep growing in some way,” Adkins told Dallas’ Fox4 of his role on Monarch.

“So, man, I’m having a blast.”