Walker Hayes Celebrates Major Milestone With Performance of Unreleased Song, ‘Same Drunk’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The Recording Academy )

Over the weekend, country music superstar Walker Hayes took to the stage to celebrate seven years of sobriety by performing his unreleased single Same Drunk. 

During the performance, Walker Hayes explained that he can turn it into an addiction. “So, I wrote this song; I want to share it with y’all. It’s called Same Drunk, it’s not out yet, but I love testing new stuff.” 

Throughout the single, Walker Hayes sings about having an addiction to something other than alcohol. This includes being addicted to toxic relationships, looking young, and having freshly cut grass. The first part of the lyrics reads, “Sister’s hooked on another jackass / Mama’s hooked on looking young / Daddy’s hooked on cutting the grass / Brother’s hooked on smoking some.”

Country Now reports that Same Drunk is not the first single that Walker Hayes has written in regard to drinking. He also sang about his addiction through his songs Drinking Songs and AA. 

Walker Hayes Spoke About Being a ‘High-Functioning Alcoholic’ in the Past 

During an interview with Southern Living this past August, Walker Hayes opened up about his struggles with alcohol addiction. He also said he was considered a “high-functioning alcoholic” in the past. He also admitted the first years in Nashville were considered an abusive environment. 

“I had been rejected four or five times a year at a major public level,” Walker Hayes explained. “I was working at Costco looking other music business people in the fact every day. You know they shop in my produce section, and we had to face each other and go, ‘Yeah, it’s come to this?’ And I felt like I had to act like I’m good when I wasn’t.” 

Although the world saw Walker Hayes as an “overnight success,” he admitted no one saw the hardships he endured. “They don’t see me as a father driving drunk home not knowing how I got there, puking on the floor with my wife lying to my kids why I am sick. They see the healing and they see what God can do.”

Walker Hayes Talks Staying Sober & Keeping His Faith After the Loss of His Seventh Child

However, three years into his sobriety, tragedy struck the family when Walker Hayes and his wife lost their seventh child, Oakleigh, at birth. “I’d been sober for three years when we lost Oakleigh. I was ready to not be. As soon as that happened, I was like, this is why you drink.”

Not only was he struggling with remaining sober, but Walker Hayes also struggled with his faith. “When we lost Oakleigh, I would have called myself an Atheist,” he stated. Eventually, he was introduced to Laura and Craig Allen Cooper “Craig’s a preacher but outside of church I never heard him preach. By the grace of God, somebody recommended a book to Laney called Secrets of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield…This woman’s testimony, it’s exactly like mine except I hadn’t surrendered yet…I wolfed this book down. I finished it by the time the sun came up.”