Walker Hayes Remembers His Daughter Who Died During Delivery Four Years Ago in Emotional Post

by TK Sanders

Country music singer Walker Hayes memorialized his baby daughter, Oakleigh, who died four years ago during delivery. Hayes wished his late daughter a happy 4th birthday on a very personal Instagram post. He also shared a touching anecdote about overcoming grief and moving toward “redemption.”

The photo shows Hayes’ wife, Laney, holding another sweet little girl, ironically also named Oakley (with a slightly different spelling). Apparently, the Hayes family has been babysitting little Oakley; and the experience has brought healing and love back into a family struggling to overcome extreme tragedy.

Hayes began the post by speaking to the redemption Oakley has allowed in their lives.

“There’s so much redemption in this picture can’t stand it y’all,” he wrote. “Our Oakleigh is with Jesus but this Oakley and her parents have been the arms of the Lord firmly wrapped around our entire family.”

He then said that there were days he wondered if his wife would ever smile again while holding a little child. He also spoke to the gratitude he feels for the impact his own daughter had on the world in her brief time here.

“There were days I wondered if Laney would ever hold a baby and smile again. Today is our Oakleigh’s 4th birthday and while we wish were celebrating with her on this earth, we praise God for the eternal impact she’s had on us and the world! Hallelujah,” he concluded.

Walker and wife Laney lost their daughter, Oakleigh Klover, on June 6, 2018, after Laney suffered a uterine rupture. He has openly spoken about the grief he and his family have experienced since losing their baby. He also wrote about it in his book, Glad You’re Here, Taste of Country reports.

Walker Hayes has a big family

Walker Hayes is a father of six kids, the oldest being a teenager who can already drive a car. Family is important to him, too. When his hit song “Fancy Like” changed their lives last year, he packed up the entire family and took them on the road with him for his tour. But he doesn’t recommend everyone do the same — especially not Thomas Rhett.

“I actually talked to Walker about that the other day. I said, ‘How can I do this?’ And he said, ‘You can’t,'” Rhett joked about taking his family on tour. Rhett, a family man with a large brood at home himself, wanted to see if he could bring his entire family on the road with him. But there’s a big difference between Rhett and Hayes: Rhett’s family is much younger.

“Walker’s kids are older. They can eat by themselves and can use the bathroom by themselves. They can put themselves to bed,” Rhett explained. “Mine, on the other hand, are kind of all over the place.”