WATCH: 49 Winchester Plays a High-Energy Acoustic Rendition of ‘Hillbilly Daydream’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Joshua Black Wilkins via New West Records)

Back in May, 49 Winchester released their latest studio album Fortune Favors the Bold. They packed the album with a combination of smoking-hot country music and Isaac Gibson’s incredibly relatable songwriting. Singles “Russell County Line” and “Damn Darlin” became instant fan favorites. After the album dropped, many fans had “Hillbilly Daydream” stuck on repeat.

Earlier today, 49 Winchester took to social media to announce a new video for the song. The band promised that we were going to get “’Hillbilly Daydream’ like you’ve never heard it before,” in the post. They also noted that the new video is a collaboration with the good folks at Western AF.

49 Winchester Delivers

In the video, we see 49 Winchester in what looks to be a living room of a rustic ranch house. They’re all set up for a (mostly) acoustic jam session complete with drums and pedal steel. The band proceeds to deliver exactly what their post promised.

The album version of “Hillbilly Daydream” is a bluesy groove packed with Telecaster twang and keys. Here, we see 49 Winchester doing an acoustic rendition of the song. Fortunately, the blues vibe is still present and there’s plenty of pedal steel and energy to go around.

In the video’s description, the folks at Western AF said that they wanted to record 49 Winchester doing this song because it resonated with them. “Who hasn’t thought about packing it all up and looking for some non-traditional income? We may not be making liquor, but Western AF started as exactly that. When we first heard ‘Hillbilly Daydream’ we knew we’d want to shoot this one.”.

How Western AF Makes the Magic Happen

Back in March, Western AF co-founder Brian Harrington sat down with Outsider to discuss how they bring independent country music to the masses. During the interview, Harrington revealed how they choose locations for their videos.

In the video above, you’ll notice that it looks like the guys in 49 Winchester belong there. That’s kind of the point. “We put a lot of effort into our location selection,” Harrington said. “It’s really important to us that the locations match either the substance of the song or the vibe of the artist. More than anything, the location really has to match up with what you’re hearing. The visual needs to be representative of the audio. That’s what we always try to keep in mind.”

However, they don’t give too many production notes after they’ve set up a location. “We try to formulate an environment for something cool to happen. Then, we just point our camera at a musician and they make something cool happen. They make that magic moment.”

Seeing 49 Winchester jam on a song about quitting your day job and running moonshine in an old ranch house is a great example of what Brian Harrington and Mike Vanata do with Western AF. If you haven’t, check out their YouTube channel for hours of cool independent country videos like the one above.