Watch Ashley McBryde and Her Friends Gather ‘Round the Fire in New Music Video

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

On Friday, Ashley McBryde released Lindeville. The collaborative concept album took listeners on a journey to the heart of a fictional small town. The 13-song collection introduced us to the town and its residents and revealed the skeletons in their closets and in their front lawns. You could toss all manner of descriptors at Lindeville. However, “cinematic” might be the most accurate.  

Throughout the album, Ashley McBride and her collaborators show listeners local businesses, trouble in the trailer park, and a full-on spiritual experience. Then, the record’s final two tracks – “Bonfire at Tina’s” and “Lindeville” – tie everything together.

In “Bonfire at Tina’s” Ashley McBryde, Brandy Clark, and Pillbox Patti sing about the bond that the women of Lindeville share. However, it’s more than that. It’s an anthem for small-town women and a warning to the men who would scorn them. Lines like “Small town women ain’t built to get along. / But if you’ve burnt one, you’ve burned us all,” drive that message home. The video for the song makes the message crystal clear.

In the video, a woman catches her man who is a working musician cheating on her. They have a huge fight. Then, we see a group of the jilted woman’s friends going to one of the cheater’s shows in a crowded bar. After some careful planning, they pull off an Ocean’s 11– style heist, stealing his car and his guitar. Those items become fuel for the titular bonfire.

Throughout the video, we see Ashley McBryde and her friends gathered around the fire, tossing in mementos from ex-lovers. Flowers, letters, and gifts feed the flames. In the final seconds of the video, the gals present the woman from the beginning of the video with her ex’s guitar and she gleefully adds it to the blaze.

Ashley McBryde on Lindeville

Over the years, Ashley McBryde and her collaborators Nicolette Hayford and Aaron Raitiere wrote several character-based songs. Among those were McBryde’s “Shut Up Sheila” and “Livin’ Next to Leroy” and Raitiere’s “Jesus Jenny” which appears on Lindeville. While co-writing with Hayford and Raitiere, McBryde floated the idea of creating more characters and giving them a place to exist. “Just like do it on purpose. Give them neighbors and then give them a place to live,” McBryde said. “The more we talked about it in that little conversation, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, you guys, the town would be called Lindeville.”

Ashley McBride named the town for legendary songwriter Dennis Linde. He penned songs like “Goodbye Earl”, “Bubba Shot the Jukebox”, “John Deere Green” and many more. Linde’s ability to spin a yarn full of engaging characters inspired and informed the songwriting on the project.

That conversation became a week-long writing retreat during the pandemic. Now, we get to hear the results.