WATCH: Billy Strings Performs ‘I Don’t Want Your Rambling Letters’ with Bluegrass Legend Larry Sparks

by Jonathan Howard

There are few as in touch with the roots of country music as Billy Strings. He has proved that time and time again in his career. See his latest duet with bluegrass legend Larry Sparks. Sparks has been picking a guitar and crooning out songs for decades. Literally a lifetime.

With Billy Strings being the bluegrass torch bearer of the future, this performance was a special one. Just historically speaking, the two of these artists getting together is a big deal. And to sing a song as iconic as I Don’t Want Your Rambling Letters. Originally written by Ray Pennington, Nat Nathan, and Gene Redd, the Stanley Brothers were the first to record the song.

Throughout his career, Larry Sparks played the song to the delight of many. His version might be the best, and it is definitely up there if it isn’t the top rendition. However, with Strings next to him belting away just the same, it sends chills down the spine.

Check out the post below and see it for yourself.

“Thank you Larry Sparks… Wow,” the caption reads.

Even though he’s played with some of the biggest names in bluegrass and country music, playing alongside Sparks is a massive deal for Billy Strings. He’s a student of the genre and its history. So, he understands what Sparks has done for the genre of bluegrass and country music.

For new generations, videos like this are important. If a young fan gets into Billy Strings and his music, then sees him performing along with Larry freakin’ Sparks, it can lead them down a rabbit hole of great music. In other words, he’s doing the Lord’s work.

Billy Strings has His Summer and Fall Planned Out

Earlier this month, Billy Strings put together the last of his calendar year. At least, as far as performances are concerned. The summer months have already been planned out. He has a ton of great shows that go throughout the Midwest, South, and many other parts of the country. Strings even has some special dates like Red Rocks, which he played at earlier this year.

As far as festivals go, he’s doing that too. If you’re a Bonnaroo person, you’re going to want to make sure to check him out while you’re there. It’s going to be a hell of a show I’m sure.

Then, there’s the fall. He announced his fall plans as well as his New Year’s Eve shows. He’s got dates in the West, on the East Coast, back down South, and everywhere in between. Oh, and he’s even got some European dates to go along with the American ones as well. Billy Strings is worldwide.