WATCH: Carly Pearce Performs Unreleased Track ‘Trust Issues’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Carly Pearce decided to stop off at a legendary place in Nashville to offer up a tease of an unreleased track titled Trust Issues. Pearce is coming off a sold-out debut as a headliner at the Ryman Auditorium. Now, the CMT Artists of the Year honoree is presenting this new song. She’s turned to social media as of Saturday to seek thoughts and opinions from her fans, CMT reports. 

This melody is powerfully driven by the guitar. It offers up a narrative focusing on a protagonist that finds true love. She simply forgets about the former boyfriend that gave her those Trust Issues. We do not know who wrote the song or when it will be released. The preview is a short one. Yet we do get a view of Pearce’s storytelling abilities and vocal control, too.

Carly Pearce Song Gets Lot Of People On Board As They Love It

Here are some of the song’s lyrics. “I look in your eyes & it’s almost like | My heart’s never been broke before | My only issue is how bad I miss you every time you walk out that door | To ever think I had trust issues | In a matter of one kiss you,” Pearce sings. “Got me turning one night into | Maybe the rest of my life | Haven’t even said ‘I love you’ | But I’m thinking that I want to | ‘Cause you’re making me forget who ever gave me these trust issues.” 

Now people were digging this song. It ended up being a viral video. How much? Trust Issues garnered 23.3K likes and 176.3K views on TikTok alone. Many people wanted Pearce to release this song right now. But one fan happened to get some advice from Pearce herself. “Love it,” wrote Stephanie Quayle. “Release it!!!” said another follower. “I’m still living out 29:Written In Stone, but this gives me hope,” this fan wrote. “Give it some time, sister. I promise God has a plan,” Pearce wrote back. 

Pearce had a lot of success with her heartbreak-centric album titled 29:Written In Stone. Obviously, she is ready to turn the page. She’s sharing where she is in her life – in love and thriving. The songs chronicled her very public divorce from singer-songwriter Michael Ray. Tie that into her personal grieving experience as close friend and long-time producer Busbee died from brain cancer. 

“I think this album has so much more good than it did the pain in the end for me,” Pearce told CMT. “I feel like it’s just the starting point for me of where I want to go, and it showed me what I want to do musically. Now, let’s go. Let’s go on all of the bit happier times.”