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WATCH: Carrie Underwood Sings Two Guns N’ Roses Classics With Axl Rose at Stagecoach

by TK Sanders
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Country superstar Carrie Underwood loves to play a few sneaky Guns N’ Roses songs at her concerts, but her performance at Stagecoach just took things to another level. When her band played the first few chords of the GNR hit “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” longtime Carrie fans probably weren’t surprised — Underwood even loves to shake her hips like Axl Rose on occasion. But a few bars in, she couldn’t keep the secret any longer: her rock idol was performing alongside her that night.

“Welcome to the greatest night of my life,” Underwood screamed, as reported by Variety. “Give it up for Axl Rose!”

Not only did Rose rip off a classic version of “Child,” he stuck around for a raucous rendition of GNR’s mega-hit “Paradise City,” as well. “Did you think we were through?” Underwood yelled. The country music superstar has sung “Paradise City” many times on the road, but never with a member of the famed 80s hair band, itself.

Fans probably hoped that Rose would stick around to lend his famous vocals to one of Underwood’s own songs; but alas, he didn’t, leaving Carrie, herself, outwardly wishing the same thing.

“I can’t believe we thought we should have more songs after this,” Carrie Underwood quipped to the huge Stagecoach crowd.

Longtime fans of the California country festival probably know that Underwood performed “Paradise City” as a Stagecoach headliner in back in 2008. Now almost 15 years later, Underwood is still debuting new music to the Stagecoach crowd. Amongst plenty of pyrotechnics and fireworks, Carrie played new songs “Denim and Rhinestones” and “Crazy Angels.” Those songs, plus the already released “Ghost Story,” are early releases for her latest upcoming album, Denim and Rhinestones, which will arrive June 10.

Carrie Underwood and other performers paid small tributes to the late Naomi Judd, who passed earlier in the day during Stagecoach’s second lap

Brothers Osborne, the act that preceded Underwood on the stage, paid tribute to Naomi Judd with a stirring rendition of “Why Not Me,” one of The Judd’s signature songs. The acoustic version was heartbreaking and beautiful in its simplicity.

Brothers Osborne also used the evening for a little redemption of their own. “Four years ago we had a terrible, terrible set,” TJ Osborne said. “I went home and thought, ‘I don’t think we can do this again.’ And we had to wait a long time, and a lot has changed since then, but tonight we’re out here to redeem ourselves.”

Osborne said he loved his country music fans, even though the genre catches stereotypes sometimes.

“There are a lot of preconceived notions about country music fans,” the singer said. “But thousands of you are out here watching a gay man perform tonight. This is the change I want to see. Thank you so much. This is incredible. This is country music.”