WATCH: Chase Rice, Bailey Zimmerman Crash Singer’s Set at Talladega

by Alex Falls
Gabe Ginsberg / Stringer / Getty

The NASCAR Cup Series at Talladega Superspeedway thrilled fans all weekend. But the party wasn’t just limited to the raceway. Racing fans know how to have a good time. Singer Eric Micahel Taylor was performing a set when he got an unexpected run-in from two of country music‘s current biggest stars. Chase Rice and Bailey Zimmerman joined him on stage to perform the classic country rock song from The Marshall Tucker Band, “Can’t You See.”

Taylor posted a clip of the memorable moment on his TikTok account. Check out the epic footage below.

@ericmichaeltaylor99 Talla-damn-dega @Chase Rice @Bailey Zimmerman #cantyousee #chaserice #baileyzimmerman #talldegasuperspeedway ♬ original sound – Eric Michael Taylor

The clip drew a lot of adoration from fans online. Plus, Rice himself got in on the fun after the fact. He left a comment under the clip saying, “Hell Yeah! Fun Night!”

The Best Song Rice Has Ever Written?

Chase Rice is a busy man. Not only is he keeping his fan entertained at Talladega, but he’s also getting ready to release new music. Early next year, he’ll release what he previously told People is the “best song” he’s ever written. “Bench Seat” comes out next year and it’s about the emotional experience of his friend nearly taking his own life and the dog that brought him back from the darkness.

“My best friend in college almost shot himself in the head,” Rice said. “His dog ended up kind of saving his life. He had the gun to his head and he looked down at the dog. The dog did the head tilt and like looked at him like, ‘What you doing?’ I cried a lot on that one. I remember starting to write it and I just stood up and walked out of the room. I knew I wanted to write it, but I didn’t think it would hit that quick.”

Rice said he showed the song to his friend who inspired it and noted that both him and himself “cried a lot that day.”

“This next album is above and beyond anything I’ve ever done,” Rice said. “I know people say that all the time, but this one’s legit. Like, I’m listening to it driving down the road because I want to hear these songs.”

Chase’s Backstage Ritual

While we wait for his next album, Rice is still busy playing shows for fans around the country. Including a recent performance at the iHeart Music Festival. While backstage, he revealed the ritual he and his bandmates perform before every show.

“It’s not really a good luck ritual it’s just kind of, it’s called ‘Good, Better, Best.’ We do a chant, we do a prayer, we do a shot of Jack, and we do a chant called, ‘Good, Better, Best’ that the whole band gets behind and we honor the different countries,” Rice said. “I’ve got a lot of diversity in my band and it just gets everybody fired up. It’s a high school football chant from my high school, actually, that we do and it gets us all fired up before we go on stage.”