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WATCH: Cody Jinks Performs New Song ‘Changed the Game’

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

One of the hardest rockin’ dudes in country music just debuted a badass new song. At a recent concert in Las Vegas, Cody Jinks introduced the world to his new tune Changed The Game. It was the first time he and his band ever played the song on stage. With that in mind, he prefaced the performance with the same type of honest approach I try to apply to all my life’s endeavors: “We’re gonna try not f*ck this up.”

The native Texan and Marine Corps veteran briefly waxed poetic a bit more, providing some more context for the new song. “We’ve been really fortunate throughout our careers, this group of guys up here with us, and our crew, and all of our people that we’ve been playing together with. For years and years, we’ve been playing together with each other, and having a lot of fun doing it, and doing it our own way.” Then Jinks and the boys shred into the lyrically brilliant and sonically thumping new song.

Cody Jinks Changed The Game By Doing Things His Own Way

The Somewhere In The Middle singer is a guy who, as the song states, has definitely changed the game. He’s carved out his own sound and built up a dedicated fanbase without any help from radio stations or the stereotypical country music in-crowd. After establishing himself as a guy that wasn’t going anywhere in the country music scene, he started going against the grain and swimming against the current even more than he did in his younger days.

Even just the man’s Spotify profile exhibits exactly who he is with perfect simplicity. With words splashed over a black and white photo of Jinks’ with a sparked joint hanging out of the corner of his mouth, his musical biography simply reads “The biggest independent country artist on the planet. Cody Jinks. He’s always done it his way – and will always do it his way.”

Changed The Game though Jinks has indeed. Artists like Jinks are heavy-handedly forcing the evolution of country radio. Throughout most of musical history, widespread success simply wasn’t possible without help from country music radio play. But with the explosion of music streaming services, radio is starting to take a back seat in some regard. Old songs now have the potential to find new life and go viral.

The song Loud and Heavy is one of those songs. It apparently wasn’t good enough for the radio in 2015 as part of Jinks’ album The Adobe Sessions. Since then it’s racked up almost 500 million digital streams. The song reached certified Platinum status without ever hitting the radio airwaves. Jinks just recently sent the song back to country radio. Just to prove a point, he sarcastically questioned whether or not the song was good enough to be played on the radio yet.

It’s a good example of how guys like Jinks’ really have changed the game when it comes to country music. Younger musicians are now following the path he helped trailblaze. It’s something Jinks mentions in his new song:

“I pray for the youngbloods next in line to take my place,
The next one to stand up and say,
‘Some said I’d never make it, that I didn’t do things right
So I showed ’em who I was, then I made it just to spite
I changed the game’…”

The next generation of guys changing the game are already on the scene though. It’s dudes like Zach Bryan and Tyler Childers, who have ascended to the top of country music without any help from country radio. Parker McCollum is another one. He delayed signing a major record deal until after he already built up a huge grassroots fanbase. It’s also someone like Bailey Zimmerman, who just very recently proved that artists can turn TikTok popularity into tangible #1 songs.