WATCH: Darius Rucker Reveals His Unbiased College Football Predictions

by Blake Ells

Darius Rucker is a big college football fan. But more specifically, the South Carolina native is a huge Gamecocks fan. As the first full week of college football action prepares to kick off, the “Beers and Sunshine” singer has some completely unbiased predictions about the upcoming season. Check out the video below.

“It’s the best time of year!! Let’s go Gamecocks!” he captioned the video.

Darius Rucker begins by forecasting this year’s College Football Playoff.

“The playoff is gonna be…Alabama, South Carolina, Ohio State and I’m gonna throw Michigan in there,” he begins. “Wait, no, not Michigan. Definitely not Michigan. Ohio State, South Carolina, Alabama and Cincinnati. Cincinnati will get in again and get blown out.”

He then moves on to predicting the national champion.

“The national championship this year is going to be won by the South Carolina Gamecocks,” he boldly proclaims.

Then, it’s on to postseason awards. He takes on the Heisman Trophy.

“The Heisman is going to be won by Spencer Rattler. Quarterback at the University of South Carolina,” he predicts. Rattler just transferred to Darius Rucker’s beloved Gamecocks before the season. He previously played at Oklahoma.

He then opines on a big surprise team for the new season.

“The team this year that’s gonna shock the world is the University of South Carolina Gamecocks,” he says.

He then discusses the big home rivalry.

“There’s not really a choice between South Carolina and Clemson,” he says. “It’s South Carolina or nothing else. It’s all Gamecocks. We’re gonna kill Clemson this year.”

There’s some reason for optimism in Columbia, S.C. Picking up Rattler will definitely help. But the Gamecocks were just 7-6 a year ago, and they play in the toughest conference in the country. There’s a long way to go.

Darius Rucker on the Road in 2022

Darius Rucker just celebrated a big CMT Crossroads appearance from Nashville. He was also part of the ACM Party for a Cause at Ascend Amphitheater. Next up? He’s back on the road through October.

On Saturday, he’ll have to watch the Gamecocks from the bus because he’s at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in New York. Kickoff is 7:30 ET, so he’ll probably be on stage when it wraps. Here’s hoping they can handle Georgia State without him.

He’s in New Hampshire, Missouri and Las Vegas in the coming weeks. Then, he’ll head home for the Riverfront Revival in N. Charleston, S.C. on October 8 & 9. In January, he’s got HootieFest: The Big Splash. It takes place in Riviera Cancun, Mexico from January 25-28. To see all of the dates on Darius Rucker’s calendar and for ticket information, check out his website.