WATCH: Drake White Dedicates Song to Late, Beloved Golden Retriever

by Jonathan Howard

Dogs. They are far more than just a best friend for many of us. Drake White captured that perfectly in a song for his late golden retriever. Songwriter, the name of the dog, was a good boy. He was about 14 years old according to the dates that the country music singer gave in a post for his beloved friend.

When you come to Nashville on nothing but hope and a dream, you might need a friend or two. For Drake White, that friend was Songwriter. A dog named for the profession that White was pursuing, both a reminder of what he was doing and a companion to get through the hard times.

Get the tissues, and prepare yourself. This song isn’t for the weepy. Check out the post below.

“Rest In Peace Writer man. 2008-2022,” White wrote.

“When I moved to Nashville I got a golden retriever and named him “Songwriter” to remind me why I moved to Music City,” He was a joy to all that had the pleasure to know him and we will miss him. There’s nothing better than a good dog and you were the definition! @alexm_white and I love you. See ya across that rainbow bridge ole buddy”

Country music songs about dogs can be some of the best and most emotional. A few come to mind, namely “Sam” from Sturgill Simpson’s last album. Nick Shoulders has a great song “Ira” that reminds me of my own old dog. Losing a beloved pet can be a rough time. However, it looks like Drake White has a lot of great memories to look back on when he thinks of his pal, Writer.

Drake White Has Been Doing Things Differently

Not only has Drake White been through the grind of coming up in Nashville, but the singer-songwriter also suffered a stroke that nearly ended his career entirely. Since he’s recovered and made it back on stage, the artist has been doing things a little differently.

“There’s a lot of energy in it,” he said to PEOPLE Every Day podcast. “There’s a lot of hope and passion in it … We’re gonna be touring all the way through the spring and summer and hopefully pull the ‘Willie Nelson’ and be doing it until my last day.”

The 38-year-old has been through ups and downs and everything in between. For 14 years, his dog, Songwriter, was close by his side. Going from shows to recording studios and doing all the things the dog of a country music singer does. A best friend, a good boy, and the inspiration for one great song about loving a dog and living life.