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WATCH: Ernest Performs ‘Comfortable When I’m Crazy’ Live From A Junkyard

by Brett Stayton
WATCH: Ernest Performs “Comfortable When I’m Crazy” Live From A Junkyard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Country music star Ernest has had a big year. His song ‘Flower Shops‘ which he recorded with Morgan Wallen was officially released at the very end of 2022. Though already an accomplished songwriter, this song took Ernest’s presence as an established recording artist to a whole new level.

Then in early 2022, the big fella from Nashville made his Grand Ole Opry debut. During his set, Ernest brought his buddy Wallen on stage to help perform the powerful duet. He spoke with Music Mayhem about just how special finally stepping into the circle at the Grand Ole Opry was for him.

Building on the floral-themed momentum of his biggest song, Ernest released ‘Flower Shops (The Album)‘ back in the spring. Although this album was most listeners’ first introduction to his music, his Locals Only album is also excellent. His songwriting really shines on the second album though. “ I have been able to just dig deep and shamelessly kind of tell my story through songs,” he said. “Not that people don’t do that, because that is what songwriting and storytelling are. It’s just for me personally – I haven’t found a bunch of guys being able to sing such introspectively.”

As his popularity skyrockets, big Ern knows he wouldn’t have such an impactful career in music without inspiration and guidance from people who helped him reach his goals. His success will only continue to grow as he partakes in the One Night at Time Tour in 2023.

Even though Flower Shops is currently his most popular song, many music aficionados would say it’s not even the best song on his 11-song album. That accolade just might belong to the song “Comfortable when I’m Crazy.” It’s a lyrically brilliant tune about trying to find a balance between walking on the wild side and walking the line that Johnny Cash sang about.

Live From A Junkyard

To put an even more creative spin on his music, Ernest recently went to a random junkyard to film some awesome footage of a few of his favorite songs, including “Comfortable When I’m Crazy.”

Ernest Is More Than Just A Singer

Ernest is one of the most interesting and entertaining people in the music industry. Earlier in the year on Outsider’s Uncut Podcast with Jay Cutler, he discussed his baseball career, having a heart attack at age 19, and his love of hip-hop music. One of the best stories from the conversation is about going on tour with “Mike.” (AKA Mike Stud) as a rapper early in his carer. Though he is focused on mostly singing country music these days, he still occasionally showcases his talent as a rapper on social media just for fun.


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