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WATCH: Garth Brooks Invites 7-Year-Old Fan to Sing ‘Standing Outside the Fire’ Duet at Nashville Concert

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images,)

When a 7-year-old at his first concert ever wants to hear Garth Brooks play a 30-year-old song in Nashville, Brooks is gonna do it. At least, that’s what he did at his long-awaited show at Nissan Stadium. The country music superstar was up on stage doing his thing. Then, while looking for a request or two, he spotted little Charles in the crowd.

We’ve seen videos in recent weeks of kids attending concerts and getting their wildest dreams made true. Or, just a cute little kid singing and performing their own version of their favorite country music song.

While Brooks performed for the Music City, 7-year-old Charles got up on his parents’ shoulders and held up his sign. The sign said that it was his first show and he wanted to hear the singer-songwriter perform Standing Outside the Fire.

Now, during this part of his show, Garth Brooks has no issue taking requests and on that Nashville stage, he took a big one. But, he went one step further. Suspecting that young Charles was a dedicated fan, he asked the young boy if he knew the words. You tell me if he knew the words, see for yourself below:

Brooks had to give the young fan some gentle ribbing. He said, “I have a feeling you’ve been put up to this,” insinuating his parents wanted to hear the song. However, when asked if he knew the words, Charles said he did and he had been practicing.

Well, good thing he practiced because the little guy rocked Nissan Stadium with Garth Freaking Brooks. After getting the whole stadium to cheer his name, Charles had everything he needed to tackle that song. He sang his heart out, especially after finding confidence in the first chorus.

Garth Brooks Brings the Opry to Nissan Stadium in Nashville

Brooks is a man of the people and a man who loves country music, the history, and preserving it. Part of that means getting involved with the Grand Ole Opry. This show in Nashville was one that the singer had planned on for a while. So, little Charles didn’t just see a great show with the Friends in Low Places singer. He was able to witness the Opry at the show as well.

Since he loves the Opry so much, Brooks said he would “take it on the road with me.” The history, the respect, and all that goes into a performance with members of the Grand Ole Opry. After the original show was rained out, Brooks was ready to come back in a big way. Judging from the video with Charles, things went above and beyond expectations.