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WATCH: Jason Aldean, Wife Brittany Hilariously Prank Call Luke Bryan

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by Rick Diamon/Getty Images)

Brittany Aldean, the wife of country music star Jason Aldean recently posted an absolutely hilarious video to her Instagram account. The video shows the couple prank phone calling their good buddy Luke Bryan.

Those two absolute legends from Georgia became great friends as their music careers absolutely blew up at the same time. Their musical collaboration “The Only Way I Know” alongside another legend, Eric Church, is an absolute heater. Aldean and Bryan also co-headlined the Carolina Country Music Fest earlier this year.

Awesome songs aren’t the only interest they have in common though. They both also spend a lot of time hunting and fishing together as well. Their passion for the great outdoors runs so deep that they’re both part owners of the Buck Commander TV show. A brand displayed on Aldean’s sweatshirt in the video.

As is often the case with guys being dudes, Aldean and Bryan also have a profound appreciation for practical jokes and pranks. A few weeks ago, Luke Bryan and Kane Brown were co-conspirators in a hilarious prank at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Rooftop Bar in Nashville. Bryan and Aldean also teamed up to pull another hilarious prank on their fellow Buck Commander and Duck Dynasty ring leader Willie Robertson a while back. Pulling pranks isn’t just for the boys though, as Kane Brown’s wife Katelyn proved when she pranked Brittany Aldean by telling her that her beloved Starbucks was going out of business.

This time around though, Brittany Aldean was the one dishing out the practical jokes.

Jason Aldean and His Wife Brittany Prank Phone Call Luke Bryan With Noise Cancelling Headphones

The humorous video shows Brittany holding Jason’s phone as a call connects with Luke Bryan, who thinks it’s just Jason on the other end. Seems like a normal phone call, except for the fact that Jason is wearing noise-canceling headphones so he has no idea what Luke is actually saying to him. As the conversation carries on, the “Lights Come On” singer reads Brittany’s lips as she instructs him on what to say, intentionally stringing together random incoherent thoughts to mess with the confused “Muckalee Creek Water” singer on the other end of the line.

At one point a befuddled Bryan asks Aldean if he’s drunk as he tries to figure out why he apparently forgot how to have a coherent conversation with someone. It does appear that even though he was confused by Aldean’s random ramblings, Bryan was down to go on a trip to Africa with him. On a serious note, that could make for some badass hunting content for the two country music superstars who ain’t afraid to throw a dead buck on their Instagram.