WATCH: Jon Pardi Performs ‘Last Night Lonely’ at the Grand Ole Opry

by Jonathan Howard

When he takes the stage it’s always a party. That’s because he’s none other than Jon Pardi, and he recently rocked the Grand Ole Opry stage. He’s been to the Opry once or twice. The country music singer has done a lot of things since his music career blew up with his 2016 album California Sunrise.

Each week when the Opry has some of country music’s best acts of the past present, and the future – you never know what you’ll get. Pardi took the stage on Tuesday, June 7th, and it was one to remember. While his shows are usually loud and boisterous, he toned it down a bit for such a hallowed venue.

The singer said on Twitter, “Always fun playing [Last Night Lonely] live, but it’s even better when it’s at the [Opry].”

So, check out Jon Pardi, playing “Last Night Lonely” on the Grand Ole Opry stage.

Over the years, Pardi has put out a lot of great tunes. Many of them have to do with partying, drinking, and being a little heartbroken. But, what’s country music without a little melancholy? A cowboy through and through, you’ll never see the singer without a hat, buckle, and boots.

Released back in February, “Last Night Lonely” is a song that has fans just as excited as they were in 2016. It’s clear that he hasn’t topped that success, which isn’t a bad thing, but as he gets ready to release his fourth studio album this is a great trend in the right direction.

Written by Jon Pari, Dylan Marlowe, Joe Fox, and Jimi Bell – the song has made it into the top 20 on the country music charts. And, there’s reason to think that it will continue to climb up the charts throughout the summer.

Jon Pardi Announces ‘Mr. Saturday Night’ Release for September 2

In case you want to get your plans made right now, Jon Pardi has made his announcement for when his new album will drop. Mr. Saturday Night is going to release on September 2 and as his fourth studio album, there are a lot of expectations behind it.

His first single being “Last Night Lonely” has already started things off on the right foot. If he can follow it up with his as much success with his second single “Fill ‘Er Up,” then folks will start buzzing. Pardi is a talented artist and it feels like he’s due for another explosion like his 2016 success.

He has a 14-song lineup on this new album, and that feels like a good number. Not too many and not too little. When Jon Pardi hits the scene with this new record, it’s going to be a great day for country music fans.