WATCH: Jon Pardi Wears Lainey Wilson’s Bell Bottoms While Doing Farm Work in Hilarious Video

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Last week, Lainey Wilson released her highly-anticipated album Bell Bottom Country and announced the Country with a Flare tour. Now, Jon Pardi is showing his buddy some support by sporting snakeskin bell bottoms while working on the ranch. It’s a different kind of “country” with the same flare. Check out the hilarious video below.

In the caption, Pardi wrote, “Popped on a pair of [Lainey Wilson’s] bell bottoms to listen to her new album.” In the video, we see him doing much more than jamming to Bell Bottom Country.

As the video opens, the camera pans down Jon Pardi’s body. We can see his work coat and heavy leather gloves. Then, we get a look at his skin-tight bell bottoms. The rattlesnake print really works with his tan work boots. At the same time, we hear Lainey Wilson’s latest single “Heart Like a Truck” playing in the background.

As the video goes on, Jon Pardi gives his fans some insight into his new threads. “Ever since I saw Lainey’s bell bottoms, I knew I had to get me some,” he says. Pardi adds, “I like the way they blow in the wind.” However, that’s not all. We see Pardi going about his daily ranch chores sporting the flared pants.

“They’re real good around the ranch,” Pardi adds. “Checkin’ fences, fixin’ fences, drivin’ tractors, openin’ gates, feedin’ cows,” he says while we see him doing each of those things with the flares of his pants rippling in the wind.

The wildest part about this video is that Jon Pardi kind of pulls off this new look. Sure, it’s a joke, but he does it all with a straight face. The real question here is how many takes he had to do before he stopped laughing.

Jon Pardi and Lainey Wilson are Friends

Last month, Jon Pardi wrapped up his Ain’t Always the Cowboy Tour. The 25-stop trek saw Pardi burning up the highway and rocking stages with Hailey Whitters and Lainey Wilson. When he announced the tour, Pardi said, “I’m really excited to take two great friends and great artists out as openers,” in a statement. Pardi went on to talk about one of his favorite parts of going on tour. “You get your buddies and you put on a good show anywhere people will have you.”

Throughout the tour, we saw that Jon Pardi wasn’t just blowing smoke. He, Whitters, and Wilson had a great time on the road. For instance, Lainey and Hailey dressed up in baby costumes and ambushed Jon on stage while he was singing “Beer Won’t Fix” shortly after he announced that he has a child on the way. Watch the hilarious video of Pardi and his “tour babies” having a blast onstage below.