WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Belts Jackson Dean’s Hit Single ‘Don’t Come Lookin”

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

One of the coolest things about The Kelly Clarkson Show is the Kellyoke segment. That’s when we get to see Clarkson step back onto the stage and let her pipes shine for a few minutes at a time. It’s a great way to hold the fans over until she releases new music.

Kelly Clarkson doesn’t stick to any specific genre when picking songs for Kellyoke. You never know what song she’s going to sing or who she’s going to bring to the stage with her. She might be covering Loretta Lynn with Dewayne Johnson or rocking a Billy Joel cover with Garth Brooks. Recently, Clarkson took the stage solo to perform Jackson Dean’s “Don’t Come Lookin’.”

Kelly Clarkson Crushes “Don’t Come Lookin’”

Kelly Clarkson made a couple of changes to “Don’t Come Lookin’” on the show. In the first verse, she changed the drink of choice to wine. Additionally, she had to trim the second verse for time. It was a killer performance that likely left fans wanting more.

Kelly Clarkson’s voice is a long way from Jackson Dean’s gritty baritone. However, it does nothing to dampen the defiant spirit at the heart of the song.

“Don’t Come Lookin’”

Jackson Dean co-penned the song with Luke Dick and included it on his 2021 self-titled EP. He also released it as the lead single from his 2022 album Greenbroke. However, many fans heard it on Yellowstone first. The show featured the song during its fourth season.

“Don’t Come Lookin’” landed in the top 10 of the Billboard Country Airplay charts. This wasn’t just Dean’s first hit. It also made him the first artist of the year to score a top 10 hit with their first single on the Country Airplay chart.

There’s a good chance that it will get a bump in streams after countless people hear Kelly Clarkson’s rendition.

Jackson Dean’s Reaction

Jackson Dean is one of those people who saw Kelly Clarkson belt “Don’t Come Lookin’” for Kellyoke. He posted his reaction to her performance on his Instagram earlier today. Check it out below.

“When [Kelly Clarkson] covers your song,” he wrote in the post’s caption. Before pressing play on a video of Clarkson’s performance, Dean tells his followers they’re getting his “virgin reaction” to the clip. The huge smile that spreads across his face before Clarkson starts singing is proof that he’s totally on board. When she starts singing, he really gets into it.

The high point of the video, though, is Jackson Dean’s reaction to her inflection on the final line of the chorus. It hit him just as hard as it did everyone else.