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WATCH: Kenny Chesney Surprises Fans at Old Dominion Bar Show in Tampa

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT)

Kenny Chesney, who was recently in Tampa, FL for the start of his tour, surprised fans at an Old Dominion pop-up show at Crow Bar in Ybor on April 22. Old Dominion was playing Crow Bar the Friday before the Raymond James show, and Chesney stopped by to join them.

Old Dominion is supporting Kenny Chesney on his tour, along with Dan + Shay, and Carly Pearce, and from Tampa, they’re moving on to Texas to play Austin City Limits Live. Chesney and Old Dominion are reunited on this tour after playing in Key West together last year.

While in Florida, Chesney’s organization, No Shoes Reef, partnered with Tampa Bay Watch to create a week of activities to celebrate Earth Day. No Shoes Reef works to replace dead reefs with artificial ones, to create habitats for tropical fish. Talk about a spectacular weekend: habitat conservation and a show.

Kenny Chesney Surprises Fans With Old Dominion in Tampa, Plus Talks Returning to Touring After Two Years

Country music favorite Kenny Chesney released an album in 2020, but didn’t get to tour for it right away because of everything going on in the world at the time. Now, two years later, he’s finally embarking on his Here and Now Tour. Speaking to the Tennessean, Chesney discussed what it’s like being back on tour after so long.

“A lot of life has happened since we were last on stage,” he said. “It’s going to be pretty emotional. We didn’t take this time off because we wanted to; it was taken from us. There were moments during the first year of COVID that I was wondering if this moment would ever come. This is what we do.”

Chesney definitely takes pride in what he does, and has come a long way. His shows now push 50,000 people, where before he was just playing tiny bar shows. “This has been my life since I was in college and renting a sound system to put in my truck and playing college bars,” Chesney continued. “I didn’t cope very well the first year. It did give me time to reflect and to sit with myself, which is hard for me to say. I’ve been moving for so long that there’s always somewhere to go – an expectation, a deadline – so when you’re forced to sit with yourself, that can be hard.”

He laughed, but he’s right; the first year of COVID lockdown was hard for a lot of people, including musicians who needed to go on tour to make a living. Going from making music and going on tour to sitting at home and doing nothing must have been difficult. But now, Chesney is back on the road doing what he loves to do.

Chesney is Looking Forward to Playing One Particular Song On Tour

Kenny Chesney also spoke about what he’s most looking forward to on tour, and it happens to be playing the song “Here and Now” for a live audience. “The ironic one would be ‘Here and Now’ because we’re finally in the here and now,” he said. “It’s a good, rocking song and we kicked it harder in rehearsals. I’m excited to say that sentiment to an audience, especially since we’ve yet to play one single live from the album.”