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WATCH: Lainey Wilson, Jordan Davis Play Priceless Prank on Luke Combs During Set

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: John Shearer / Contributor

While going to a Luke Combs’ show is a treat in and of itself, what about getting a show from Lainey Wilson and Jordan Davis at the same time? That’s exactly what happened recently. However, there was a catch: Combs had no idea what was happening behind him. In a recent Instagram clip posted by Davis, fans crack up as they get a firsthand look at the country stars putting in the effort to prank Combs.

As Combs took the stage one last time during the country star’s The Middle of Nowhere tour, Combs began performing his hit song, “Going Going Gone.” However, the real show was what was happening behind him. In the clip, after Combs begins singing, Davis and Wilson go out on stage and crouch behind Combs. They were also sporting Combs’ signature Carhart shirts.

After Combs realizes there’s a commotion behind him, he asks the group what they’re up to, to which they responded with, “Don’t worry about it.” When Combs began singing the lyrics, they started their clearly-rehearsed dance. In addition, Combs’ bandmates were even in on the gag, busting out ribbons, airhorns, and other props for the interpretive dance.

Luckily, attendees were there to capture the entire moment play out on camera. After someone shared it online, Davis replied in the comment section, writing, that there was a ton of work put into the dance.

Luke Combs’ interesting ‘gift’ to Jordan Davis to commemorate tour’s end

However, some fans may not know that Combs and Davis have a long-standing history of pranking one another. At the start of the show, Combs pranked Davis when he came out during the “Buy Dirt” singer’s set with a bag of soil— a direct tease to Davis’ hit song.

“I’ve had the pleasure of having Mr. Davis out on this tour,” Combs said when he came out, holding the bag over his shoulder. Combs then explained to the crowd, that it’s a tradition to do a prank at the end of the tour. “For the last three, four months, all I hear about is buying dirt. So, I got you some,” he said to Davis teasingly.

Then, Combs played a video showing that he left actual dirt outside Davis’ dressing room. Combs and his crew also piled up bags of soil in front of his door so that he couldn’t get back inside.

Combs took it even further when he literally emptied the bag of dirt on the stage. “Well, I didn’t expect that,” Davis said before performing the tune.

However, Saturday was hardly the first time Combs pranked his buddy. Several months ago, Combs dominated the “Next Thing You Know” singer on the basketball court.

Earlier in the tour, Combs took Davis to school when he whipped out a left-handed fadeaway jump shot, swishing the ball. Check out the viral moment here.