WATCH: Larry Fleet Shares a Stunning Cover of Morgan Wallen’s ‘Sand in My Boots’

by Lauren Boisvert

Country music singer Larry Fleet recently shared a cover of Morgan Wallen’s “Sand in My Boots” on his Instagram, and the result is blowing our collective minds. Larry Fleet’s voice sounds so good with Morgan Wallen’s words, that if I didn’t already know that was a Wallen song, I’d think it was a Fleet original.

Larry Fleet has been on tour with Morgan Wallen and Hardy, but it seems like his time on the Dangerous Tour is coming to an end. Fleet posted the cover on Instagram with the caption, “Last day for me and the band on the #dangeroustour with @morganwallen so only makes sense to cover a little #sandinmyboots this week for #thesoundchecksessions.”

I don’t know about you, but I could listen to Larry Fleet sing “Sand in My Boots” over and over again. He has a delightfully full voice, with a thick middle-Tennessee twang that fits with the song so well. The sound is spot on, Fleet never wavers even once, and there’s some real power behind his voice when he goes into the chorus. If I were Morgan Wallen, I’d be honored that someone poured so much soul into my song. I might even replace my version on the album with this one, but I’m not Morgan Wallen so I don’t get to decide that.

Either way, it’s a great cover from an equally great performer, and I wish we had the whole version of the song to enjoy.

Larry Fleet Delivers Powerful Cover of ‘Sand in My Boots,’ Plus is Gearing Up to Go On Solo Tour

Larry Fleet is ending his run on the Dangerous Tour, but he has another tour coming up that might be even more exciting; his own One For The Road Tour, which kicks off on September 15 in Omaha, NE. He’ll be bringing Nate Smith, Tyler Booth, and Megan Moroney along for the ride as openers.

Additionally, before One For The Road, Fleet will join Darius Rucker for select dates on his summer tour. Talk about a busy guy. Fleet made a statement about his flourishing career, as well, saying, “It’s been amazing playing sold-out arenas every night, and to be able to announce my own headlining tour while doing it is a blessing. I’m fired up to get on the road this fall to travel across the country doing what I love, and I hope everyone makes it out to join in on the party.”

He also thanked Nate Smith, Tyler Booth, and Megan Moroney for contributing to the tour. This tour will mark a year since Fleet’s debut album came out. In September 2021, he released “Stack of Records.” Speaking to Outsider, Fleet said in part, “I learned bluegrass early on, because now that I know, I mean, bluegrass is one of the hardest things to play […] People say all the time, ‘What do you call your music?’ I say it’s country-western-bluegrass-soul. It’s all one word. That’s pretty much what you’re getting.”