WATCH: Lauren Alaina Catches Bouquet at HARDY’s Wedding

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Lauren Alaina had a big weekend it seems, beginning with attending Hardy and Caleigh Ryan’s wedding and ending with catching the bouquet at said wedding. She posted a fun video of the wedding guests gathering behind Caleigh as she prepares to throw the bouquet. Lauren Alaina actually started out front, but rushed to the back to catch the bundle of flowers before anyone else could.

You know what they say about catching the bouquet. Could we be seeing a new relationship in Lauren’s future? “Had the best time celebrating Mr. And Mrs. Hardy last night. Everything went better than bouquet if you ask me,” Lauren captioned the video on Instagram. “[Hardy] told me I was next before I even caught it,” she added.

Hardy and Caleigh had been together for four years before they tied the knot in front of 350 guests, including Lauren Alaina. Hardy spoke about the plans for the wedding to People before this weekend, talking about their vows and first look.

“We’re going to write our own vows and do them privately,” he said. “We want the ceremony to be like 30 seconds long. We just want to have a big party for everybody. I’m trying to avoid having a complete meltdown in front of everyone. And I don’t think I could get through vows at the altar, and she’s the same. The vows will be for us. It doesn’t have to be for everybody else.”

They also had a private first look so Hardy could “get it all out” upon seeing his bride. He knew he’d be an emotional mess, so they did some things just for them where they could express their emotions together. All in all, it looks like the happy couple had a great wedding. Congrats!

Lauren Alaina Brings Duke, the Bush’s Baked Bean Dog, to the Grand Ole Opry

Lauren Alaina knows where to find the talent, clearly. Lauren took to the Grand Ole Opry stage with a special guest to make an interesting announcement.

“We are here to announce Bush’s Beans as the official beans of the Grand Ole Opry,” she said to the crowd. She then joked, “I thought we could get a round of a-paws together. Are you too good for my jokes?”

This was the second time that a dog has made its Opry debut, actually. The first time was in 2006 when Lassie made an appearance. Duke, for his part, wore a sparkly bedazzled bandana for his debut.

So what does this partnership mean, anyway? Well, now that the Grand Ole Opry is partnering with Bush’s Baked Beans, visitors can enjoy their products at the Opry Back Porch BBQ Food Truck. There’s also the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime Opry experience, featuring a show of the winner’s choice and a ton of other goodies.