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WATCH: Luke Bryan Hilariously Tries His Best to Sing Adele in Las Vegas

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage)

Luke Bryan has been entertaining the crowds in Las Vegas. And the crowds have been giving the country music hitmaker a little help, it seems, as Luke Bryan tries to nail a very difficult note while singing a cover of the Adele hit, Someone Like You.

In a video shared recently to Instagram, we see the Country On singer on stage in Vegas playing the piano. It takes us a moment to figure out the song that Bryan is singing. He does a wonderful rendition of the popular Adele song, sure, but he gives the tune his own “Luke Bryan” flare. Soon, however, it’s clear what song the country music star is singing.

Then, he stops completely for a beat and stands up at the piano while the crowd goes wild. Anyone who has listened to the iconic Adele nail this tune knows well that Bryan is leading up to the good part…the moment the singer hits the seemingly impossible note in the song. You know the one, the note we all think we can sing…until we can’t.

As Luke Bryan takes his breather and stands up at the piano, he starts a big stretch. First, he does a side stretch then he does a sort of lunge while leaning on the piano. He then sits down, ready to crush the impossible note.

Luke Bryan Gets A Little Help From His Las Vegas Fans

“How she hits those notes every night is incredible,” Luke Bryan writes of Adele and her iconic crooning sound in the Instagram post.

“I tried with a little help from my friends,” the country music hitmaker quips.

And, he truly did. As Luke Bryan sits back down at the piano, he goes back into the piece, singing the chorus nearly flawlessly as he continues to play the accompanying music. The crowd is loving this moment, and many of the fans join in singing the cover with the country music star. Then, it’s time to hit the high note. Which Luke Bryan almost does. However, few can match Adele’s ability to master that range perfectly. And Bryan’s fans jump in singing along with the country singer as he finishes out the songs.

The Bryans Celebrate 16 Years Of Wedded Bliss

While Luke Bryan is serenading the Vegas crowds he was also celebrating a recent wedding anniversary. And, his wife Caroline recently took to Instagram to celebrate this “Sweet 16” anniversary. In this post, Caroline sends happy wishes to her husband adding that every moment together has been part of their amazing journey.

“Sweet 16!!!!” she exclaims in the social media post.

“Happy anniversary Love Bug,” Caroline Bryan continues.

“16 years ago we had zero clue what we were stepping into,” she says. “The good, the bad, silly moment, and stupid arguments. It’s been worth it all and I love you more every year!”