WATCH: Luke Bryan, Kane Brown Set Off Fire Alarms in Jason Aldean’s Nashville Bar

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for ACM)

Proving to be quite the pranksters, Luke Bryan and Kane Brown set off fire alarms at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar in Nashville, Tennessee this week. 

In his latest Instagram post, Luke Bryan shared a video of him pulling a fire alarm in the bar while Brown was cracking up laughing the entire time. “Kane Brown made me do it, Jason Aldean,” Bryan declared in the post. He also used the “#pranksters.” When the alarm went off, Bryan ran away while laughing hysterically.

Meanwhile, Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline are preparing for their annual “Pranksmas” celebration. The duo, as well as Bryan’s mom, LeClaire, get involved in a series of pranks for 12 days during the holiday season. However, LeClaire is not usually a fan of the tradition. While Caroline was preparing for the 2021 festivities, LeClaire declared on Instagram, “I will stay away until after Christmas.” 

Luke and Caroline Bryan Have A History of Pranking LeClaire During Pranksmas

In 2019, Luke Bryan and Caroline pulled a seriously hilarious prank on LeClaire as part of the Pranksmas festivities. During the prank, the Bryans recruited Instagram influencer Chelcie Lynn for the “Trashy Tammy Takedown” prank. 

While Luke Bryan was talking to his mom and the Bryan’s annual charity event, a fan named “Trashy Tammy” approached him and tells LeClaire, “Mama, that’s that girl.” She then ran away. “Trashy Tammy” then presents to be one of the country music hitmaker’s overzealous fans. She chases and tackles him. 

In an effort to protect her son, LeClaire puts out her cigarette and does her best to pull the fan off of Luke Bryan. Eventually, another character enters, “Officer Daniels” who assists LeClaire. Caroline then gets involved and defends her husband by picking a fight with “Trashy Tammy” while the fan is getting handcuffed. 

As the struggle continues, Luke Bryan declares “Mama, 12 days of Pranksmas” sending everyone into a fit of laughter. LeClaire then falls over and realizes they have been pulling a prank on her the entire time. 

In 2021, Caroline pranked LeClaire by tricking her into doing a fake Instagram Live. Luke Bryan’s wife declared that the family calls LeClaire “Hurricane Salem” due to her smoking habits. She goes into TMI mode. She starts telling “everyone” her mother-in-law is so tan because she lays out in the nude. “I shaved her and I feel like we shaved a bear in the bathtub,” Caroline declares. When LeClaire responds by saying “Excuse me?” Caroline asks, “Am I wrong?”

As the two continued to share a little too much information, LeClaire gets heated and points out, “You people need to understand that my daughter-in-law fabricates a lot of stuff.” 

Finally, Caroline tells LeClaire that it was a prank. Luke Bryan’s mom then said, “Can I get a cigarette? I’m gonna put it out on Caroline’s a—.”