WATCH: Luke Bryan Winds Up Holding Someone’s Baby During Las Vegas Concert

by Blake Ells

Luke Bryan is back in Las Vegas for his Luke Bryan: Vegas residency. On this trip, he somehow found himself with a baby onstage. We’re not sure whose baby. It seems that Luke isn’t sure how the baby got there. The only thing that’s clear is that this isn’t Luke Bryan’s baby.

“You know it’s a party when you end up holding someone’s baby,” he captioned the post.

The show went on, as Luke Bryan paced the floor performing “All My Friends Say.” The baby seemed entertained. At the least, the baby didn’t seem upset about the events that were unfolding.

“It’s been a very special night for me, y’all,” Bryan says in the video that he shared to Instagram. “It’s been a hell of a party. At some point I got a baby.”

The crowd had a good laugh over the moment.

“Where is the mother of this child?” he asked as he walked back toward the sidestage area.

As the baby’s mother approached Bryan to reclaim her child, Bryan began a half-hearted cover of Elvis Presley’s “Return to Sender.”

“Sorry I stole your baby,” he said.

Luke Bryan then leaned down to the child and after a bit of baby talk said, “This is gonna make a hell of a scrapbook one day, ain’t it?” He and the mother turned to a camera for a photo to commemorate the baby’s Las Vegas debut.

Having Some Fun

He’s always been one to have some fun, but it seems like it just never stops these days. Luke Bryan recently posted video of himself catching a fan napping and waking her in hilarious fashion. He crashed the DJ booth at his Bridge 32 bar on Broadway in Nashville and led the audience in a singalong of “Don’t Stop Believin.'” Before that, he had already dropped in on his friend Blake Shelton’s bar just across the street.

It’s been a fun summer for one of country music’s biggest stars.

Luke Bryan: Vegas Continues Through 2022

Bryan’s Las Vegas residency is clearly packed with surprises. It takes place at The Theatre at Resorts World. He remains there throughout the weekend. He’ll return for three performances around Labor Day. He just added a slew of dates that keep him there well into December.

Looking at his 2022 calendar is exhausting. Not only will the residency continue, but he’ll also mix in dates from his “Raised Up Right” Tour and his “Farm Tour.” It’s a good thing he enjoyed some quality time off before CMA Fest.

He’s back out on the road on July 7 in Virginia Beach. To see all of his remaining dates for the year–and there are a lot–visit his website.