WATCH: Luke Combs Calls Out Fan Who Threw Cup of Ice at His Head During Show

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

When people go attend a concert put on by Luke Combs, they usually can expect some great music and even singalong moments. Why in the world do people want to ruin the good times? One knucklehead decided to do that very thing on Thursday night in Ottawa, Canada.

So, Combs is putting the final touches on his 2022 tour by making some tour stops in Canada. This concert took place at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa. Now Combs was in the middle of singing Even Though I’m Leaving. It’s one of his more touching and emotional songs. While doing so, a fan decided to throw a cup filled with ice at him. Ever the professional, Combs continued to sing that song and finish it.

Unruly Luke Combs Fan Got An Early Exit From Concert

When watching the video, you can see the cup hit him right in the chest area. You can see the whole thing break down right here. But that does not mean that Combs didn’t have some words for this unruly fan. On the video, you can hear him say, “Hey hardass, where you at? Hey hardass, I’m talking to you. Where you at? You throwing sh*t at me? You ain’t so tough now are you?” After blasting the fan, his guitarist appears to get right next to Combs and they walk away from the front of the stage. Good news for Combs fans in attendance. It appeared to look like security got to the person and showed him the exit.

Why in the world do you pay good money for a concert like that one only to ruin the fun for everyone else? It boggles the mind. Maybe there were some other things boggling that fan’s mind. He was not going to be getting any more time to see Luke Combs in concert. Throwing a cup of ice at him is no good. It appears in the video that other fans in attendance, though, were enjoying themselves and having a good time. Even as Combs was singing this song, a number of people there joined in the vocals.

Apparently, though, there was more rough stuff that took place in the audience after this moment. We don’t know how the fans there in Ottawa felt about these interruptions. Yet Combs would go ahead and finish his concert in the Canadian city. Probably those in attendance loved hearing him sing. Hopefully, the ones in attendance there will learn a lesson about going to concerts like the ones Combs put on there.