WATCH: Luke Combs Does a Gender Reveal Mid-Concert for Fans in the Front Row

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Country music superstar Luke Combs has performed a multitude of sold-out shows during his prolific career. However, despite his numerous concerts performed over the years, it seems the Beautiful Crazy singer is still experiencing “firsts” as he hits the stage during a recent tour.

This time, Luke Combs becomes part of an unforgettable gender reveal. All as the star takes on the role of revealer during a mid-concert break. And we are all very thankful Combs shared this touching moment for us all to see on his Instagram page!

“This was a first,” Luke Combs writes in his recent Instagram post.

“Congrats y’all!” the Better Together singer continues.

Luke Combs Asks The Eager Couple If They Are “Nervous” As The Star Shares The Big News

As the video begins we see Luke Combs as he takes an envelope in his hands from someone off-stage. He stands up and begins to open the envelope as the fans cheer the singer on. However, Combs pauses for a beat, asking two of his bandmembers what they think this gender-reveal envelope will say…are the expectant parents going to have a boy or a girl?

One of the bandmates guesses that the envelope will be revealing that the couple is expecting a boy. The other band member guesses the baby is a girl.

As the crowd cheers, Luke Combs returns to the envelope, opening it up as he asks the couple if this will be their first child.

“Is this your first kid?” Luke Combs asks the couple who are standing in the front row.

We learn that yes, the eager parents are waiting to hear the gender of their very first baby. Then, as we are seconds away from Luke Combs revealing to the couple the gender of their little one, he asks them, “are you nervous?”

The camera pans away from the stage and onto a young couple who are holding each other tight, waiting for the singer to give them the big news.

Blue Or Pink…What Do You Think?

Then comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The moment Luke Combs tells the expectant parents the gender of their little one. As the couple looks on, holding each other tight, Combs reveals that the two will soon be having their “first son.”

It’s an emotional moment as the two cling to each other. Clearly emotional over the exciting news!