WATCH: Luke Combs Makes Young Fan’s Dream Come True By Making a TikTok On Stage During Concert

by Clayton Edwards

Sometimes, when you go to a concert, the music becomes secondary. On those nights, spending time connected to a venue full of like-minded people and making memories takes the lead. Every now and then, you’ll get to be front and center for an iconic moment or make a connection with your favorite artist. One young Luke Combs fan recently got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a TikTok with Combs. You could bet that hearing her favorite tracks live took a back seat to that special moment.

Yesterday, Luke Combs shared a video of him making his young fan’s day. It’s probably the most wholesome thing you’ll see all week. Check it out below.

In the video, we see a young girl named Skyla onstage with Combs. She’s holding a sign that reads, “Longneck ice-cold beer never broke my heart, but you did. Please be my husband or at least make a TikTok with me.”

Obviously, Luke Combs couldn’t ignore that sign. So, he brought her up to talk about it. After introducing Skyla to the crowd and asking them to say “hi” to her –which prompted a round of cheers and applause – Combs turned his attention to the sign. Unfortunately, he had to tell the young fan, “I can’t be your husband. I’m already one of those. But, I see that you want to make a TikTok. Do you have your phone?”

After she got her phone from her mother in the front row, Luke Combs told her, “Get on your TikTok, let’s make one. C’mon!”

When Skyla finished making her video, Luke Combs told her, “After the show, I’m gonna get something signed for you.”

Check out the video that Luke Combs and Skyla made below.

Luke Combs Is All About the Fans

One of the most telling things about Luke Combs’ post is its caption. “Haha, this is what it’s all about! Great meeting you, Skyla!”

This is far from the first time that Luke Combs has shown the world how important his fans are to him. From stopping a show to get a fan medical attention to flying a fan with leukemia across the country to see his show or sharing the stage with a fan who was fighting cancer, Combs goes all-out.

Stars like Combs take live music to a whole new level. He might be one of the biggest names in country music, but he still takes time to do things like this. No one would fault him if he just showed up, rocked the crowd, and called it a night. However, he’d rather take the time to form bonds with his fans and help them create memories that will last a lifetime because that’s what it’s really all about.