WATCH: Luke Combs Puts on Intense Performance of ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ in the Seattle Rain

by Jonathan Howard

Luke Combs brought the thunder to Seattle as he performed “Beer Never Broke My Heart” in the pouring rain at Lumen Field. He’s arguably country music‘s biggest star. It’s what you would call “football weather” except instead of NFL teams battling on the gridiron – Combs is singing and shouting to the crowd as the rain puts a curtain over the field.

If you’ve never been to a concert in the rain, then it’s hard to describe. Sometimes it can be miserable, but other times, just like in sports, it can be legendary. Luke Combs does the latter almost every time he gets on stage. So, you already know where this is going.

There’s no way to recreate the feeling of being there live when a moment like this happens, but thankfully we do have the next best thing. Video. Shoutout to the folks who filmed this one so the rest of us can experience this moment.

Chills. Goosebumps. Etc… Check it out.

Fans from 4-years-old to 104 can get on board with this song, just because of the energy that it gives. When we all saw that little boy go viral for singing Luke Combs, what was he singing? That’s right. “Beer Never Broke My Heart” has become a classic in Combs’ repertoire if you can consider any of his work a classic at this point.

Seeing that rain come down as Combs belts out the lyrics and then his guitar player absolutely shreds up on stage. That’s everything you want in a show like this. When you go to a show, this is exactly what you pay for. While Seattle gave the singer-songwriter a night of rain, he brought the thunder with his great performance.

Luke Combs Lives Out His NFL Dreams

Out in Seattle, it wasn’t just another show for Luke Combs. The singer took the stage at Lumen Field and got to live out his NFL dreams. After he got to take a little while to process everything, he went to social media to talk about the performance. Not only did he post a bunch of photos from the concert, but he also gave a little heartfelt message as well.

“When I was 15, I had a running back’s dreams but never did run too far,” Combs said on Instagram. “Thankfully the [Broncos] and [Seahawks] have made this ol’ boy’s dreams come true by getting to play in NFL stadiums! Thank you for an unforgettable night and braving the rain with me, Seattle!”

Another day, another badass performance in the books. That’s just everyday life for Combs. With another album on the way, the sky outer space is the limit. After the new record drops, the next steps for the singer have endless possibilities. Where would you like to see him perform next, Outsiders?