WATCH: Midland Performs Concert at ‘Old Church’ Outside of London That Has a Bar in the Back

by Jonathan Howard

You think you’ve seen all the cool concert venues… you haven’t. Midland took off to London for a one-of-a-kind show that you have to see. The country music group rocked the stage inside of an old church and made the most of it with their performance. The crowd was small, full of “VIPs”, but it looked like a great time.

The group got together in London and met some of their biggest fans across the pond. Country music has a strange hold on a certain population in Europe and the British Isles are one of those hotbeds. So, seeing this great crowd turn out for a small show isn’t a surprise.

Midland looks like they had a great time and gave the crowd a great show in return. Check out the video below and see it all.

The show had a lot of elements that made it special. Of course, an old church like that is going to have great acoustics. The trio’s voices reverberated throughout the venue like a choir on a Sunday morning. Of course, being a Midland show, even if it was in a church, there had to be a bar. The bar was just a little concession stand-looking room in the very back of the church.

At one point, the sun shines down through the stained glass window at one end of the church, to light up the country music singers in all their glory. This looks like it was a show unlike any other that the band has played before. You have to hope that they will try and make it back to that church if you’re a fan in England or nearby.

Midland Sings to the Angels in London

A country music show in an old church sounds like the best place to enjoy a show. I’ve been to basement shows, garage shows, house shows, stadiums, arenas… you get it. But, never have I taken in a secular show at a church. One of the great contrasts in art and music has to be mixing the sacred and the profane. Not to call Midland’s music profane, but this London show was a great example.

Midland knows how to put on a damn good show and their European tour looks like it has started things off right. If they are going to make the rounds at some other interesting venues, then I can’t wait to see them. The Old World is full of buildings that are hundreds of years old. Maybe we’ll see them play in a castle someday.

After canceling more than once, Midland has finally made the trip back across the ocean. They are going to play shows all over the continent and there are thousands of eager fans that can’t wait to catch a show. When you plan for something and it finally gets here, it can be hard to live up to the hype. That doesn’t seem to be an issue with Midland.