WATCH: Morgan Wade Makes Her Second-Ever Grand Ole Opry Appearance

by Blake Ells

Morgan Wade stepped back into the circle on Tuesday evening. The “Run” singer made her second appearance at the Grand Ole Opry. She shot some backstage video, too. Check out the video below.

“Morgan Wade made her second Opry appearance tonight! The crowd loved “Run,” “Take Me Away” and “Wilder Days,” the Grand Ole Opry captioned the post.

“Hey, I’m Morgan Wade, and I’m here at the Opry tonight,” she said in the backstage clip. “It’s my second time since April. And it is a little bit different tonight because I have every single family member ever here with me. But this is great. I feel like I’m back home and I’m actually getting to know some of the people backstage.”

The clip also includes snippets of her performing “Take Me Away” and “Wilder Days.”

Morgan Wade’s most recent country radio smash was “Run.” While it seems like she has burst onto the scene recently, it’s been a long road for Wade. Her debut, Reckless, was released in the spring of 2021. And that album was a long time in the making. She reissued it as a deluxe version this year, and that contained “Run.” She also released an acoustic EP this year which featured stripped down versions of existing songs.

Now, she’s turning her attention to new music. Her sophomore full-length is on the way. She posted a clip from a forthcoming track titled “Fall in Love With Me.” It’s a vastly different sound for Morgan Wade.

A New Sound for Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade spoke to CMT recently about the new music and the new sound.

“I’m super excited because this new stuff is going to be great,” she said. “My sound is evolving which is what you should want as an artist. If everything sounded the same, that wouldn’t be great.”

She isn’t going to repeat the formula from the debut.

“You look at Reckless and it’s such a blend of things,” she continued. “It’s definitely what the next record is still going to be, every song sounds different. Everything kind of has its own flow.”

She’s worked a lot with Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit guitarist Sadler Vaden on her music. He produced the first album.

“That’s the thing about working with Sadler Vaden,” she said. “We take the songs and get really creative with it. There’s a little bit of something for everybody because you can’t put it in a box.”

The sample that she teased definitely has a bit more of a pop sound. But it works for her, and it should be excited to see what comes of the new album.