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WATCH: Morgan Wallen Bags His First Ever Missouri Buck

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Morgan Wallen recently went on a hunting trip to Missouri, and the country music superstar was very successful. He ended the trip by landing an absolute stud of a buck.

Morgan, fresh off his Dangerous tour, came up to Missouri after a ten-hour drive from Nashville in his tour bus. Wallen said he hadn’t hunted much this season prior to the trip to hunt with outdoorsman Mark Drury. Accompanying Wallen was his cousin Jared, another songwriter from Tennessee.

After arriving late at night, the group went out early the next morning. Most of the action in the video takes place from the tree stand. After a few conversations with Drury where Wallen reveals details like he requested a violin for Christmas at five years old, Wallen gets down to business.

When they see a buck approaching, the “7 Summers” singer gears up to take him down. Eventually, after Wallen shoots, the deer darts off into the woods. It isn’t immediately clear if he hit the buck, but Morgan says he knew he did for sure. Then, they leave the stand and trek down to find the buck. It doesn’t take long for the group to stumble upon his kill, lying dead in a pile of leaves.

Morgan Wallen and the gathered group celebrate, eventually bringing the buck back to the camp and retiring for the rest of the night.

Morgan Wallen Downs Huge Buck and Celebrates With Crew

When Wallen returns to the camp, he high-fives the rest of the group, and you can see the infectious energy in the room.

When inspecting the buck with the other hunters, Morgan says that his prize was “pretty as hell.”

Morgan Wallen has had a busy year so far, especially after completing his insanely popular Dangerous tour. However, he took the time to surprise a Tennessee Little League team affected by a terrible flood.

Back in July, the Humphreys County Dixie League from Waverly, Tennessee went to the World Series in South Carolina on Wallen’s dime. And he was happy to take up the tab.

When the former baseball player Wallen heard that the Humphreys Country 11-12 Division II team won the state championship, he quickly notified the team of a surprise. He gave the new state champs a ticket to Anderson, South Carolina for the World Series.

The “Wasted on You” singer covered the cost of new uniforms, travel expenses, and food for the team.

Assistant coach Steven Wilson told Music Mayhem how much Wallen’s contribution meant to the team, especially in the wake of a recent flood that left the community of Waverly devastated.

In a Facebook video attached here, Morgan Wallen talks to the Little League team via laptop. He breaks the news to the boys, who erupt and dance with joy at the news.