WATCH: Morgan Wallen Drops Highlight Video From ‘Hype’ Amphitheater Shows

by Jonathan Howard

Is there anyone doing it bigger than Morgan Wallen in country music? He keeps proving he’s in a class of his own. On a recent string of amphitheater performances, the singer wowed and entertained tons of fans. Now, looking back on the shows, the singer is thanking fans and looking forward to what comes next.

The weekend of performances was just the first, and after rocking North Carolina and Virginia, Wallen’s looking forward to more. Singing songs and pumping folks up from on stage, that’s what he does best.

Check out the video below and see it for yourself.

So, things are going pretty well for Morgan Wallen and these shows were another good time spent with thousands of his fans. He was pretty pumped. “First weekend of Amphitheaters was so hype!!! Thank you Charlotte, Raleigh, and Bristow!!!!” the caption of the post said.

When the tour continues for Wallen this weekend and next, he’s heading out to the Midwest. He’s got dates all over the place and fans are going to be eager to see the “Sand In My Boots” singer live. There have been few artists that have had a rise so large, a fall so far down, and then another rise – arguably bigger than the first.

Despite the situations and controversy that the singer admittedly put himself in, he’s gotten to the other side of it. Perhaps his authenticity and attitude are what make fanbases clamor to see him at a show.

One of the big reasons why Morgan Wallen has come back so strong is his support system. He’s got some mighty good friends who carry a lot of weight in country music.

Morgan Wallen and Eric Church are Rocking in Minneapolis Tomorrow

Back in March, it was announced that a big show was taking place. Eric Church said he was heading to Minneapolis and that he was going to have two great acts along with him. Anyone who knows Church or Morgan Wallen, knows they are close. Church has been helping Wallen out almost his entire mainstream career.

However, there is another addition. Ernest. So, “Flower Shops” is definitely getting played. Perhaps we will see the Chief join in on the song. These three together at U.S. Bank Stadium is a dream come true for fans of theirs. Look, this isn’t a lineup you will see very often. Once it is over, it might be the only time we see these three on the same stage on the same night.

While Morgan Wallen just played a bunch of shows, he’s not done. Trailing out to the Twin Cities and then back to Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio next weekend. When Wallen takes the stage, folks show up. So, get ready for one of the best in country music to keep doing what he does. Play shows. Sell-out crowds.