WATCH: Morgan Wallen Drops Minneapolis Concert Highlight Video Featuring Michael Phelps Cameo

by Leanne Stahulak

A few weeks ago, country superstar Morgan Wallen stepped on stage with his own county music idol, Eric Church. Now, he’s posted a highlights reel so fans can relive the event for themselves.

Morgan Wallen hit up Minneapolis’ US Bank Stadium on June 12 as part of “The Dangerous Tour,” which runs until late September. He sang and jammed out in front of thousands of fans in Minneapolis, which you can see in the highlights reel he posted earlier today.

In the video, we see the moments leading up to Wallen’s on-stage appearance. Several times, the screen will split into thirds to showcase different moments from the performance and its lead-up. We see Wallen jumping around the stage, feeling hyped and vibing with the chaotic energy of the crowd. At least twice in the video, fans see Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps talking and laughing with Wallen backstage.

And, of course, we see Eric Church and Morgan Wallen high-fiving and sharing a bro-hug on stage. We know this moment meant a lot to the rising country star as he shared a bit about his first-ever concert a few weeks back.

Morgan Wallen Shares Emotional Story About Connection to Eric Church

In that June 12 post, Wallen kicked things off by saying, “8 years ago I went to my first concert. It was an Eric Church concert at Thompson Boling Arena. His energy and his fans’ energy put a fire in me that night in Knoxville, Tn. I knew right then I wanted to create something as real and genuine as what I witnessed with him and his fans.”

Wallen added, “Fast forward 8 years, E is a near and dear friend to me, and I got to share the stage with him last night. I like to think maybe some of those same people in Thompson Boling Arena with me in 2014, were in US Bank Stadium with me last night as well.”

The country star concluded with, “Moments like these make me truly grateful for this life and for this music I get to make and perform everywhere. Thank you guys for making it possible.”

In the post itself, we see photos of Morgan Wallen stomping his feet and playing the guitar with Church. A photo from behind the drum set shows the literally packed stadium, full of thousands of fans, all waiting to hear Wallen sing.

Morgan Wallen’s easily becoming a huge country star and making his mark on the industry. From his electric tour to his award-winning “Dangerous: The Double Album.” Listen to it now.