WATCH: Morgan Wallen & Hardy Perform Acoustic Rendition of ‘Sand in My Boots’

by TK Sanders

Local Nashville music joint The Listening Room hosted Morgan Wallen and Hardy for an intimate performance last week. The friends and artists played a handful of songs that night. However, it was their rendition of Wallen’s hit single “Sand in My Boots” that the venue used for a cool Instagram post.

In the video post, The Listening Room tells their own tale of a bar and restaurant just trying to make it. In the background, of course, are two of country’s biggest current artists playing on stage for a packed room. The sentiment is that great things come to those who persevere.

The video captions begin by explaining that the venue opened their doors almost 20 years ago to little fanfare. Nashville was a destination city, but it wasn’t an entertainment behemoth just yet. Small venues like The Listening Room weren’t guaranteed to make it back then, as the captions explain. The owners moved locations a few times, fought through an economic recession, and struggled to catch on. Now, in their own words, they sell out weekly and have become a Nashville “staple.”

“Don’t give up. Ever,” the video ends by saying. In the written captions attached to the post, the venue elaborates a bit, as well.

“Our story. It’s been a wild one. Also, still freaking out over this @morganwallen and @hardy masterpiece,” they wrote as the duo played the hit song.

Morgan Wallen is a household name, but Hardy has become a songwriting force in the industry

Here are just a few of the songs that Hardy has written over the years before catching on as an artist, himself.

  • “Still Goin’ Down” – Morgan Wallen (written by Morgan Wallen, Charlie Handsome, Hardy)
  • “Livin’ the Dream” – Morgan Wallen (written by Hardy, Morgan Wallen, Ben Burgess, Jacob Durrett)
  • “Beer Don’t” – Morgan Wallen (written by Morgan Wallen, Hardy, Ryan Vojtesak)
  • “Sand in My Boots” – Morgan Wallen (written by Hardy, Ashley Gorley, Josh Osborne)
  • “Sittin Pretty” – Florida Georgia Line (written by Hardy, Nick Donley, Jake Mitchell)
  • “Talk You Out of it” – Florida Georgia Line (written by Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Jameson Rodgers, Alysa Vanderheym)
  • “People Are Different” – Florida Georgia Line (written by Hardy, Mark Holman, Hillary Lindsey)
  • “Single Saturday Night” – Cole Swindell (written by Ashley Gorley, Hardy, Mark Holman)
  • “God’s Country” – Blake Shelton (written by Jordan Schmidt, Devin Dawson, Hardy)
  • “Hell Right” – Blake Shelton (written by Hardy, David Garcia, Brett Tyler)
  • “I Don’t Know About You” – Chris Lane (written by Ashley Gorley, Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Jameson Rodgers)

Hardy, a southerner with a fantastic mullet, didn’t even know that songwriting could pay the bills. His sister, who attended Belmont in Nashville, encouraged him to move to town and learn the business. Now he’s writing hit singles for his good pals like Morgan Wallen; and being used as a success story for old venues like The Listening Room. Not bad for a Mississippi kid.

“If it wasn’t for my sister, I would’ve never known there was a whole industry behind [songwriting],” Hardy said. “I learned there were more songwriters than there were artists on the radio.”