WATCH: Morgan Wallen Recaps His ‘Busy Lil Week Out West’ in Action-Packed Video

by Lauren Boisvert

Morgan Wallen is having a pretty fun time, if his Instagram videos are anything to go by. The country music star posted a highlight reel of his recent trip out west, starting with the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 15. Before that, he continued on his seemingly endless Dangerous Tour.

The video highlighted different stops on his tour out west, like Denver, CO, where he played on May 12. There are clips from the show, like Wallen playing acoustic guitar lit only by the lights on everyone’s phones. He then went to Rapid City, SD, where he played on his birthday. Additionally, he released the song “You Proof” on that day as well. Then, Billings, MT on May 14, where fans still had happy birthday signs for him in the audience.

On May 15, he headed to Las Vegas to perform at the Billboard Music Awards, where he was up for Top Male Country Artist. He ended up winning the award that night, and thanked the “best damn fans” for their support. It had been over a year since Morgan Wallen attended an award show, let alone performed at one. But, MRC Live & Entertainment, who puts on the Billboard Music Awards, claimed they extended an invitation after “concluding that [Morgan Wallen] had demonstrated an ongoing commitment to meaningful work and outreach.” That night, he performed his hit “Wasted On You” and a newer song, “Don’t Think Jesus.”

It was an eventful comeback for Wallen. In his acceptance speech, he thanked the fans, his team, and also noted his source of inspiration. “Man, I’d like to say thank God, thank my fans, I got the best damn fans,” he said in part. “Thank you to the Billboards for inviting me here. Thank you to my team, thank you to my family, my friends.” He also thanked his son as well, saying, “Thank you to my little boy for inspiring me every single day. God bless y’all.”

Morgan Wallen Documents Whirlwind Week Out West, Plus Attributes Growth to Being a Father

Morgan Wallen is more or less a controversial figure in country music; love him or hate him, though, it’s true that he’s done some growing up recently. He attributes that growth to “being a dad.” Wallen is co-parenting his nearly two-year-old son with his former girlfriend, KT Smith. While the two are no longer together, Wallen said in 2021 that he’s lucky to be co-parenting with “someone [he cares] about. We’re doing our best to figure it out, just trying to do the best we can with the situation.”

Recently, while on the red carpet for the Billboard Music Awards, he shared that his son is behind his growth as a person. When asked by Entertainment Tonight what got him through the last controversial year, Wallen replied, “I think mostly I can attribute it to being a dad.” He continued, “Just seeing that I have another life that I’m responsible for. It puts things in perspective.”