WATCH: Morgan Wallen Releases Hype Video From Weekend Shows That Is a Shot of Pure Adrenaline

by Jonathan Howard

For Morgan Wallen, life is one weekend after another. The country music star had a big one last week and is already looking forward to this one. Folks say that when you go to one of Wallen’s shows, he has the crowd on a string the entire time. By the looks of his new highlights from last week, that seems to be the case and more. We also get a look at how the singer-songwriter prepares for his big shows on stage.

Being able to control your audience the way he does on stage is impressive. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun to watch on Instagram. Morgan Wallen is always thanking his fans and making sure he hypes them up as much as they hype him up at his shows.

Check out the video below and see for yourself. If you have a helmet nearby, put it on before running through that wall.

“Swear this doesn’t feel real sometimes. Let’s do it again this weekend,” Wallen captioned the post.

No matter where he goes, Morgan Wallen is going to sell out the crowd. His fanbase is always going to support him. Now we know how he gets himself hyped up for a show. A little bit of Drake, some good times with the boys backstage, pumping a little iron – all of that and more.

How about the singer taking some time to get in the ice bath? There are a lot of folks that wouldn’t take that plunge even for a little bit of money. It feels like he’s taking after Tim McGraw and his fitness routine out on the road. You gotta be at your best to be the best.

Morgan Wallen has been giving fans a lot to appreciate lately.

Morgan Wallen Covers ‘Neon Moon’ in Warm Ups

Towards the end of July, the “Wasted on You” singer was getting ready for a show in Pittsburgh. Before the big concert, he took the time to make a TikTok and give his followers a look at his warmups. Morgan Wallen has made a reputation out of his short videos of covers, originals, and little tunes here and there. Fans love them and are always happy when the next one drops.

Wallen was picking at his guitar and singing a little bit of that classic Brooks & Dunn song, “Neon Moon.” Everyone knows it. Everyone loves it. And, this young artist gave his own stab at the track. Just him and a guitar and a camera phone. Not a bad warmup, if you ask me.

Of course, he went on to rock the stage in Pittsburgh, then he went on to his next show and did the same thing…then the next…and the next… You get the point. It’s week in and week out for Morgan Wallen. Make sure to catch a show near you, it’s bound to be an exciting time.