WATCH: Morgan Wallen Stops Concert To Eject Unruly Fan Reportedly Fighting

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo By: Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Not fooling around when it comes to safety, country music hitmaker Morgan Wallen stopped his concert to eject an unruly fan that was allegedly fighting.  

A TikTok video showed that in the middle of his performance, Morgan Wallen cut the music. He then addressed the unruly concertgoer. “What kind of s— is going on here?” Wallen declared while standing on the edge of the stage. “Get this stupid motherf—er out of here.” He then gave the person the finger repeatedly. 

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As security removed the concertgoer, Morgan Wallen addressed the audience. “Alright, does anyone else want to do some stupid s— or are we all good?” he asked. The country singer walked back to his original position in the center of the stage to continue his set. 

Other concertgoers took to the TikTok video’s comment section to reveal more details about the incident. “I was by it, was like 3/4 guys fighting!” one person shared. Another person pointed out this wasn’t the first time that Morgan Wallen had to kick out an unruly member of the audience. “What’s sad is this literally is the third I’ve seen on this tour where he’s had do to this.” 

Morgan Wallen will be returning to the stage on Sunday (September 25th) for his last Dangerous Tour date, which will be in Los Angeles. 

Fellow Country Singer Kane Brown Recently Spoke Out About Morgan Wallen’s 2021 Controversy

More than a year and a half after Morgan Wallen’s 2021 controversial situation, fellow country music singer Kane Brown decided to publicly share his thoughts about the situation. 

While speaking to the New York Times, Brown explained, “This is the first time I’ve ever even talked about this, but I personally know Morgan. I texted him that day. I told him he shouldn’t have said it, but also knowing Morgan, I knew that he didn’t mean it in the way that the world thought that he meant it.”

Brown further he would have reacted in a different way to Morgan Wallen’s incident if he believed the singer and songwriter was using the language in a malicious or racist way. “I think if it was in a different context, I probably would have been fighting.”

Brown also stated that as a black artist in the country music genre, he is often asked about the Morgan Wallen controversy. “I guarantee you every artist probably got asked about it,” he said. “It’s like they want an answer.” 

Meanwhile, Brown discussed the upcoming Drunk or Dreaming Tour. “I’m more excited when it comes to releasing this new project. For people to see how much I’ve grown as an artist.”