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WATCH: Randy Travis Sings ‘Diggin’ Up Bones’ in First Episode of ‘More Life’ Documentary

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Outback Concerts)

Randy Travis shocked the country music world with his debut album Storms of Life in 1986. At that time, pop music was making its way into mainstream country and the resulting Urban Cowboy sound dominated the airwaves. So, no one saw Travis’ silky baritone and traditional country style coming. Last year, he celebrated the 35th anniversary of the album with a deluxe re-release. However, ten years before that, Randy Travis planned to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a TV special called More Life.

Unfortunately, shortly after production wrapped on More Life Randy Travis had a massive stroke. As a result, they shelved the TV special. Now, a decade later, More Life has become a study and celebration of Travis’ life and legacy in country music. Additionally, the recently-released documentary contains footage of some of the “Deeper Than the Holler” singer’s final performances.

The documentary aired on Circle Network back in February and is currently available to purchase online. Additionally, Randy Travis is posting More Life to his official YouTube channel in seven installments set to drop every two weeks. Currently, one episode is available to stream and the next is due later this week.

If you skip to 3:35 in the video above, you can see footage of the last time Travis sang “Diggin’ up Bones” live. The performance and the history behind it are enough to give you chills. However, I highly suggest watching the whole video.

Randy Travis Sings “Diggin’ Up Bones” for the Last Time

More Life director Shaun Silva captured Randy Travis’ final performances in January of 2012. That night was a celebration of Storms of Life. So, it was already a big night. However, as Silva points out earlier in the episode, no one knew just how important those recordings would be.

Randy Travis kicked off the celebratory set with “Diggin’ Up Bones.” Before getting into the song, he gave a short introduction. “Hard to believe it’s been 25 years of doing this now. I actually don’t feel that much older, until I look in the mirror,” Travis said with a laugh. Then, he got down to business, “ ‘Diggin’ Up Bones’ is first,” he said before the band came in.

More Life shows just how good Randy Travis was 25 years into his career. His voice was just as powerful as it was when he released his debut album. However, the most important thing that this documentary captured is Travis’ humor and heart. It shows the man behind the legendary songs.

A little over a year after they shot More Life, a stroke took Randy Travis’ ability to perform and nearly took his life. However, it did not take his smile, his heart, or his sense of humor. Whenever you see Randy at events or in interviews today, he wears that same bright smile.

The fact that he still wears that smile speaks volumes about the strength of his spirit. This – even more than his voice, his body of work, or his dedication to the traditional country sound – makes Randy Travis a true inspiration.

More Life Is a Celebration of Randy Travis

More Life does more than show footage of Randy Travis both before and after the stroke. It features interviews with people who knew and worked with the country icon throughout his career. Thus, it sheds a light on the man behind the country icon.

Before it gets into any of that, the documentary kicks off with footage from an event celebrating Randy Travis. In one of the most poignant lines of the episode, the MC introduces him saying, “Randy Travis ladies and gentlemen…he’s a walking miracle. Living proof that all of your prayers worked.”

That, I think, truly nails the truth of who Randy Travis is today as well as the spirit of More Life.