WATCH: Tim McGraw, Cole Swindell Join Forces for Epic Duet at Michigan Festival

by Clayton Edwards

 July was a killer month for country music. Not only did the month bring a whole stack of great new albums but it also saw some excellent live music. One can’t talk about live music in July of this year without bringing up the Faster Horses Festival in Brooklyn, Michigan. The three-day festival ran from July 22-24. It boasted headliners like Tim McGraw, Morgan Wallen, and Eric Church. Additionally, the festival had a laundry list of rising country stars and up-and-comers.

With the stacked lineup, Faster Horses was destined to be a hit among country fans. One of the great things about festivals, though, is that you never know what’s going to happen, especially with so many top-notch artists in attendance. These events always leave the door wide open for magical memory-making moments for fans and performers alike. It seems that Cole Swindell and Tim McGraw saw that open door and crashed through it.

During his headlining set on the final day of Faster Horses, Tim McGraw brought Cole Swindell out on the stage with him to perform one of McGraw’s many chart-toppers. The pair belted “I Like It, I Love It” from McGraw’s 1995 album All I Want.

Luckily for those of us who didn’t attend Faster Horses, someone caught some footage of the two country stars sharing the stage. More recently, Cole Swindell shared that video – alongside praise for Tim McGraw – on social media. Check it out below.

Tim McGraw and Cole Swindell Tear Up the Stage

Cole Swindell added some subtitles to the video of him and Tim McGraw performing at Faster Horses. In the opening seconds of the clip, we see Swindell sporting an old-school McGraw shirt. The text on the video reads, “One of the coolest moments in my career is about to happen.” Then, we see them on the stage together belting the hit song.

Maybe the coolest thing about the video is seeing Tim McGraw with his arm around Cole Swindell’s shoulders as the crowd screams the lyrics back to them. At this point, Swindell added an annotation that read, “They never sang it back this loud when I covered it in college.”

Last July, Cole Swindell appeared on The Marty Smith Podcast. During his chat with Marty, Cole talked about how star-struck he was the first time he met Tim McGraw. While he doesn’t seem nearly as nervous as he was when they first met, you can tell Swindell is walking on air on that stage.

Leading up to their performance, Cole Swindell tweeted about how excited he was to play the same event as Tim McGraw. In that tweet, he called the 1883 star one of his biggest influences and one of his “all-time favorites.”