WATCH: Tim McGraw’s Mom Pulls Off Awesome Surprise at Jacksonville Concert for Mother’s Day

by Jonathan Howard

For Mother’s Day, Tim McGraw and his mom decided to make a couple of mom’s days. It was all thanks to McGraw’s mama, though! Of course, the country music singer wanted to be with mom for the special day. She taught him his secret meatball recipe, and apparently how to be giving and kind.

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating those that raised us, took care of us, fed us, and cared enough to try and keep us out of trouble in the process. McGraw had the same experience of course, and he knows that a mom’s job isn’t easy. So, he gave back in a big way.

Jacksonville fans got to take pictures and talk it up with Elizabeth D’Agostino as she spotted who she wanted to give the surprise. It had to be a special pair of mom’s, and she found them.

A pair of tickets for the front row. Now, that’s a great gift for anyone. But, on a day like Mother’s Day, it is only right that these two ladies get the tickets. It can be a thankless job at times, but we all know moms put in the work, day in and out to make the world go round.

“I want to say happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. My wife [Faith Hill] who raised three incredibly, strong, independent women. My mom who raised me and my two sisters and kept us out of trouble, mostly. So, happy Mother’s Day to all you guys, you guys, the moms keep everybody in line and keep us on the straight and narrow.”

And of course, Elizabeth got out there and talked it up with a lot of fans. The Italian in her just can’t help but socialize.

Tim McGraw and Mom Enjoy Mother’s Day Together

There was a lot going on this week and it wasn’t just Tim McGraw and his mom giving out tickets, either. While it seems that Faith Hill was not present for the Jacksonville show, I’m sure that her husband and daughters made sure to wish her a happy Mother’s Day and got her something or did something nice. Just the other day, the family was celebrating their oldest daughter Gracie’s birthday.

So, it looks like the McGraw-Hill family and the extended members have been busy busy busy. Between his duties on stage and his potential future on the screen in 1883 or some other project, the country music star has a lot on his plate. However, it’s always going to be family first for the singer, that’s for sure.

What a great gift to give on Mother’s Day. Front row tickets. And, for Tim McGraw to get his own mom involved, that’s a huge deal. An awesome gesture and just what you would expect from a guy like McGraw.