WATCH: Tim McGraw Recaps 2022 Tour With Epic Highlight Video

by Jonathan Howard

Country music star Tim McGraw has finished up his 2022 tour, and man, it looks like it was one big party the whole way. The 55-year-old singer-songwriter doesn’t seem to have missed a beat, up on stage flexing, jumping, yelling at the top of his lungs, and most importantly, singing.

When you go to one of McGraw’s shows you know that you’re going to get the best of the singer’s career from the past and present. He’s remained a force in the industry for years and isn’t showing any signs of letting up. I don’t think it’s going to slow down any time soon.

Check out the highlights of the Tim McGraw Tour 2022. Warning, your blood pressure may rise during the viewing of this video.

Is it possible that Tim McGraw is having a moment right now? I mean, of course, he’s going to have sell-out crowds at his shows, always going to put on a good show on stage. However, with the popularity of Yellowstone origin story 1883, it might be a McGraw summer, Outsiders.

For his costars on the show, it was like a McGraw concert every day on set. Perhaps to a fault. The man just can’t stop himself from letting a tune out. It’s like telling a duck not to swim, it just can’t help itself. The singer admitted that he probably let it out more than he should have. So, what? The plains of America can be a dull place.

Despite his constant singing and other little habits, Tim McGraw has matured in the last 20 years or so. It was just 22 years ago this month when he and fellow singer Kenny Chesney got into a bit of legal trouble.

Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney – Outlaw Country Singers?

Outlaw country gets used a lot. The term is thrown around and sometimes, it doesn’t even mean anything. People just label things what they feel like labeling them. However, if I told you that Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney were outlaws – you wouldn’t buy it. But, that’s an uneducated take, in my opinion.

June 3, 2000. McGraw was undoubtedly at the top of the country music world, while Chesney was still carving out his niche. They played in Buffalo at the George Strait Country Music Festival and – well they had some fun. Chesney got permission to ride a police horse, Chico. He decided to take it for a ride, but the police were not so in on the idea.

Long story short, Tim McGraw sees his friend in some trouble, and he and tour manager Mark Russo managed to interject themselves into the situation. It led to the arrest of all three involved, and they had to post bail. Luckily, 11 months later, the guys received not guilty verdicts on all charges against them and were allowed to put the event behind them.

How’s that not outlaw, Outsiders?