WATCH: Trace Adkins Sings About His ‘Friends in Low Places’ on ‘Monarch’

by Suzanne Halliburton

On Monarch, Trace Adkins stomps around Austin as the “Texas Truthteller.” And he also sings some mighty fine country music.

On Tuesday’s episode called “The Night of,” Adkins performed another country classic. So here’s Adkins as Albie Roman singing a cover of Garth Brooks‘ “Friends in Low Places.”

“Friends in Low Places” is Brooks’ signature song. He likes to perform it as an encore at the end of his concert. And why not? Fans know all the words and can sing it loud and rowdy, as it should be. Brooks released the song in August, 1990. And 1990 was a blowout year for the country legend. He was coming off the massive success of his first-ever solo album. The follow was brilliant. “No Fences” still is Brooks’ best-selling album.

Here’s how it figured into the plot on Monarch. Since the pilot, when his wife, Dottie Cantrell Roman (Susan Sarandon) died, Albie has concentrated on turning around his music. He’s got Jamie Burke (Damon Dayoub) as his new music producer pushing him to do better. So far, Albie has sung two Willie Nelson classics, a John Prine number and now Garth Brooks.

The Monarch social media account asks fans “how many times will we be replaying this? The limit does not exist.” How did fans react? Let’s get a sampling:

“Trace can sing anything and it (sounds) great.” And “I said years ago I would love to hear you sing this song. I must say, I love Garth Brooks…but you rock this song!! Love your new show too.”

Plus: “The limit does not exist. ‘Friends in Low Places’ is one of my favorite songs.”

And Albie’s singing is only part of the show. There’s all sorts of drama involving affairs, murders, blackmail, et al. Albie got it confirmed that Dottie, his dead wife, did kill his mistress all the way back in 1980. Dottie intentionally set the barn on fire with Rosa inside of it. Albie wasn’t around much in 1980. That’s why he didn’t know his girlfriend was pregnant with his child. And he also thought Rosa skipped town. Instead, she died in a fire.

But what about the child? Albie is a powerful figure in Austin, his hometown. So he called the Travis County district attorney to do some off-the-books investigating for him. Tripp DeWitt found out that Rosa’s daughter still is alive. D.W. Moffett plays Tripp and you probably recognize him from Friday Night Lights or Chicago Med.

Since we know Monarch loves over-the-top drama, then you probably put together the pieces. Catt Phoenix, the pushy, driven mother of Ana, is Albie’s long-lost daughter. Ana also is dating Ace, Albie’s grandson. But Ace also is adopted, so technically, he’s not kissing his blood cousin.

Monarch’s episode also featured a glitzy award show. That’s when fans caught a glimpse of some real-life country stars. Little Big Town presented single of the year, which Nicky Roman won.

Little Big Town presented an award to Nicky Roman during Tuesday night’s Monarch.