WATCH: Tyler Childers Plays ‘Angel Band’ at The Basement East in 2017

by Clayton Edwards

Over the past few days, Tyler Childers has whipped the internet into a frenzy. When he started releasing cryptic videos, country music fans started talking. We all hoped that it would mean that Childers was on the verge of releasing new music. Earlier today, he finally made the announcement we’ve all been waiting on. He’ll drop a new single called “Angel Band” tomorrow morning. You can see the trailer below.

Childers is doing a video premiere of the new single tomorrow on YouTube. You can go to the video, set a reminder, and tune in at 8 AM Eastern Time and be among the first to hear the new single.

After my initial excitement for the new single and the possibility of a new album subsided a bit, something dawned on me. I’ve heard “Angel Band” before. If you’re one of the many fans who has been down the Tyler Childers YouTube rabbit hole, you probably have too. If not, you’re about to.

The above video came from Tyler Childers’ 3-night run at Nashville’s Basement East back in 2017. There are several videos floating around YouTube that show all of his performances from that residency.

Tyler Childers Revamps Old Songs

The video shows Tyler Childers playing an acoustic version of “Angel Band” with Miles Miller. Tomorrow morning, we’ll get a full-band rendition. On top of that, Childers’ sound has changed since 2017. Recently, he’s been delving into a slower, funkier, style as evidenced by his live shows. Additionally, Childers has had “Angel Band” in his pocket since at least 2017. As a result, the lyrics may have changed a bit in the intervening years.

If you want to hear a good example of Tyler Childers updating his older songs, check out the video below. At Under the Big Sky Festival, Childers performed a slowed-down funky rendition of “Purgatory” you can check it out below.

The Childers YouTube Rabbit Hole

Tyler Childers has a wealth of unreleased songs floating around YouTube. You’ll find a few in the longer videos from his Basement East residency. He played great tunes like “Oneida”, “22nd Winter”, “Heart of Stone”, and more. Additionally, you’ll find killer covers of songs like “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” and “Help Me Make It Through the Night” in those videos.

If you go a little deeper into the Childers rabbit hole, you’ll find some old videos featuring a fresh-faced Tyler picking and singing. For instance, there’s a video of Childers playing “Pray Over the Moonshine Still” on his buddy’s couch. Check it out below. It has the same vibe as the classic video of Billy Strings playing “Dust in a Baggie” at a party. The people watching him play have no idea that they’re looking at a legend in the making.