WATCH: Vince Gill Performs ‘I Gave You Everything I Had’ at ‘CMT Giants’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/Getty Images,)

During the CMT Giants special honoring his country music accomplishments over the years, Vince Gill took to the stage to perform I Gave You Everything I Had. 

According to Taste of Country, Vince Gill was honored during the CMT special by his family and other country music icons. This included Carrie Underwood, Chris Stapleton, Maren Morris, and Cody Johnson. Gill has performed the ballad track at various shows over the past year.

Vince Gill attended the CMT special event with his daughters Corrina and Jennifer. However, his wife and fellow singer Amy Grant was absent. This was due to her recovering from a bicycle accident earlier this summer.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight about Grant’s absence, Vince Gill shared she’s doing great with the recovery. However, she was “pretty torn up” about not making it to the big event. “With her accident and all of that,” he explained. “They kind of deemed that the best thing for her to do is just be still. That’s hard for her because she is very active. She knows that she is well thought of, well loved, and represented tonight, so it’s all good.” 

Vince Gill also honored Grant during an August concert when he sang his other track When My Amy Prays. He performed the tune alongside the couple’s daughter, Corrina. “We’re gonna do this song that I wrote for my wife, Amy,” Gill declared at the Roman Auditorium concert. “We haven’t been doing it much, but because of her accident and everything she’s been going through we’ve been thinkin’ a lot about her, and I thought how sweet it would be for her youngest to sing the song I wrote for her.” 

Vince Gill Reflects on His Love For Guitars

While speaking to North American Guitar in 2021, Vince Gill spoke about his keen interest in guitars that have evolved over the years.

“I lost a bunch of stuff in the [Nashville] flood ten years ago,” Vince Gill said. “And it made me want to bring everything home. So all my greatest pieces are around me. I want my guitars to get played all the time, rather than be locked away in cases in a warehouse somewhere where they have no life.”

Vince Gill further explained that guitars mean something to him. While he has only one car and house as well as no boats or any toys, he loves old guitars. “I’ll acquire a guitar, say, from someone who, maybe their husband passed away and he played his whole life and they love seeing me get his guitar because they know it’s going to continue being musical. It’s not going to go behind a glass case somewhere and never get played again.”

Vince Gill went on to add that he’s never acquired an instrument that he didn’t love the way it felt in his hands. “I have fifty or sixty prewar Martin guitars, and they all sound great and play great.”